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The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff: Voidcritters, Battle Station and Voidcritter Battles


Voidcritter Battle Station

The Voidcritter Battle Station can be found in Build Mode for 650 Simoleons. This object can be used exclusively by Children and it doesn’t bring any new interactions unless you have at least one Voidcritter in your Inventory.


You can train your Voidcritters on the Battle Station. Each Voidcritter has 10 Power Levels that can be progressed through training and battles.

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Voidcritter Battles

To start a Voidcritter Battle, you’ll need 2 Sims on a lot that have at least one Voidcritter Card in their Inventory. Click on the Battle Station and select ‘Battle Voidcritter Against…’ where you’ll get to choose your opponent.

Tip: You can check your Voidcritter’s element and Power Level by hovering over a card.

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Each Voidcritter Battle lasts for about 30 sim seconds. The Voidcritter winner is determined by its Power Level and Element.

NOTE: Some elements are stronger than the other and so even if you have a Power Level 10 Voidcritter competing against a Power Level 1 Voidcritter, you still might lose if your Voidcritter’s Element is weaker against the Element you’re competing.

PRO TIP: Here’s a list of Elements that have strong effects on other Elements:

  • Water is strong against Fire
  • Fire is strong against Earth
  • Earth is strong against
  • Wind Wind is strong against Void
  • Void is strong against Water

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Other Sims can join the fun by watching the Battle!

Once the Battle is over, your competitors will receive certain Moodlets:

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