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The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff: Voidcritters, Battle Station and Voidcritter Battles


In this Article, you’ll learn all about the Battle Station, Voidcritters, where to find them, their abilities and more!


Voidcritters are trainable Monsters that can be battled against each other in the Voidcritter Battle Station. They can be found in a form of cards that, once collected, can be found in your Inventory.

Voidcritter Cards can be found and collected with these options:

  • Look for Discarded Toys (The Log & The Trash Can)

This interaction only brings a possibility of finding a Voidcritter Card. Sometimes Child Sims will actually find a card or two, but sometimes they might end up finding a toy or nothing at all. On the trash can, this action can be done every few hours. Meanwhile, if you Look for Discarded Toys in the log, the log will disappear and you can try to find another log nearby.

  • Ask to Trade Voidcritters

This friendly interaction will give one of your Voidcritter Cards to the Child Sim you’re socializing with in return for a Card you possibly don’t have.

  • Purchase Voidcritter Booster Pack(s) (The Computer)

You can purchase one or five Voidcritter Cards from the computer. Although this is one of the easiest to get a Voidcritter Card, the rarity of a purchased card is usually common. Purchased Booster Packs can be found in the inventory and require to be opened.

There are 20 Voidcritters that you can find:

voidcritter (18)

Kampos (Common / §5)

Element: Water

voidcritter (13)

Meduso (Common / §5)

Element: Wind

voidcritter (7)

Nymphaea (Common / §5)

Element: Earth

voidcritter (9)

Wisp (Common / §5)

Element: Void

voidcritter (1)

Yorier (Common / §5)

Element: Fire

voidcritter (15)

Avesu (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Wind

voidcritter (20)

Bubalus (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Water

voidcritter (3)

Cyprin (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Fire

voidcritter (2)

Fissure (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Fire

voidcritter (6)

Mytheme (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Earth

voidcritter (16)

Nimbus (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Wind

voidcritter (19)

Pleuro (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Water

voidcritter (8)

Simgaia (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Earth

voidcritter (12)

Vulpes (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Void

voidcritter (10)

Wickyn (Uncommon / §15)

Element: Void

voidcritter (17)

Arcticorn (Rare / §55)

Element: Water

voidcritter (4)

Canis (Rare / §55)

Element: Fire

voidcritter (14)

Dicoatl (Rare / §55)

Element: Wind

voidcritter (5)

Suintor (Rare / §55)

Element: Earth

voidcritter (11)

Veild (Rare / §55)

Element: Void

There are also Limited Edition Foil Cards of each Voidcritter. Their value and power is no different from standard Cards.

06-28-16_12-54-44 AM

Limited Edition Foil Card compared to Standard Foil Card.

You can keep track of your Voidcritter Collection in your Household Collection.

TS4_x64 2016-06-28 02-07-50-97

For completing the collection, you get the ‘‘Elemental Egalitarian” plaque in your Inventory.


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