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The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff: Decorating Your Kids Bedroom

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Hello everyone!

I will be giving you decorating tips for your kids bedroom in today’s article!

What Kind of Kid Bedroom:

First thing to consider is what kind of bedroom it is going to be, is it a girls room, and boys room, or is it going to be unisex? A great way to start off your room is to put down the wallpaper, flooring, bedding, and side tables! Add in little details to make your Sims happy, the little things in life matter, right?

Adding in Wall Art:

Wall art is something that every room should have, it really can give a room the personality that you are thriving for! Choosing the right wall art will give your room a pop of color or a nice warm feel. Choose the wall art based on what you want your room to look like!

Adding in Carpets:

Carpets can finish a room off by bring the attention of that certain area inwards! But don’t add too many carpets or the room might look too cluttered and will throw off the look you are going for!

Adding in Fun Activities:

Adding in fun activities is great to keep your child busy and keeping their fun up at a reasonable level! Add in little hints of detail as well to tie everything together! This area is great for battling other opponents in Voidcritter battles by using the new object, Voidcritter Battle Station in the new Stuff Pack, Kids Room Stuff! Also add in things like a television area and a study area!

 Now You’re Finished:

Now your finished with your bedroom! These steps will help you decorate any kids room! Add in anything else that you might have forgotten or think would look good in your build! (This room is up on the Gallery ID: SaraSimm3r)

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Hello! My name is Sara and I love to build houses in the Sims 4! Sims is my main hobby and wish to continue my journey in the Sims 4 Community!

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