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The Sims 4: New Event System Coming Soon


UPDATE #2: More evidence about the new Event has been found! Seems like Jasmine Holiday will return to introduce the new Event System.


Also, we found this icon which seems to be related to the new system:


UPDATE: SimGuruDrake released a statement about the upcoming Event System, confirming that The Sims Team has in fact been working on it.

The team that’s works on engagement features (i.e. The free stuff you get in patches) are doing their job by creating this free content for you



The latest update for The Sims 4 that was released today introduces the ability to customise phone skins. However, there is hints of a new “event” system hidden within the XML code. Back in March, we had the Growfruit challenge with Jasmine Holiday as an event NPC. The latest update has expanded the code that was used with new details.

Events have a new “XP” system. Sims can earn XP and trigger a “Triple Boost Week” which will increase the rate a Sim builds job performance, boosts skills, builds friendships, gains aspiration points, or decreases the rate at which their Needs decay (note: this is still referred to as a “Boost Week” despite actually lowering the decay rate). Sims can only have one reward at a time.

We can expect these new features to be implemented the next time there’s a temporary challenge!


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