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The Sims 4: SimGuruDrake talks about recent City Life leaks and possible communication changes


The last 2 weeks were filled with leaks about The Sims 4’s third expansion pack – City Life, which, for right now, is just one big rumor with pretty solid evidence.

There hasn’t been any clarification on who’s exactly leaking all the information about EP3, but over the last few days there’s been rumor and speculation on Reddit, The Sims Forums and other social networks that someone official who’s working on the game is behind all these leaks. One of the most suggested and talked-about people who work on TS4 who could’ve leaked all this was SimGuruDrake, who was away on vacation during this situation.

When asked about if she plans to bring back the Ask a Guru thread that mysteriously disappeared, she responded with the following message:

NZSimm3r: I just wondered if maybe @SimGuruDrake … well if it isn’t time for encouraging the gurus back to have another try at chatting with us again. I think there are a lot of people here who genuinely just enjoy banter with the devs. I know they (the gurus) don’t have to, as in it is not part of their work requirements but I guess it is a little like what you said about old grievances having expiry dates, maybe it’s time for the gurus to put aside that past too and try again with the fans? Maybe?

SimGuruDrake: Considering all that has occurred while I was away I highly doubt that will be happening again any time soon. I tried with my Ask a Guru thread to at least get things started, but as they say: One spoiled apple can ruin the bunch. So don’t be surprised if communications change and become more strict (and while I was blissfully unaware of things that occurred while I was away until I got back that doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed in how the community has reacted.)

I think everyone is aware of what I mean in the bolded part with regards to some making comments in different threads (joking or not) that I would risk my job to pull the stunt that happened while I was away last week. When I say “blissfully unaware” I mean that I literally was not aware of anything Sims related for a good portion of my vacation but when I was pulled from my vacation to handle a situation and was then informed about things happening and I saw how not only fan sites but the community was reacting I was very disappointed.

I absolutely, and with zero input from any of the teams I work with, opened up the Ask a Guru thread to try and alleviate player concerns and while I was away things and decisions happened that were out of my control. When I created the thread it was 100% sincere to try and create some kind of bridge to bring us all together. I am a huge advocate for community engagement and I am a huge advocate of this community. But when things happen while I am away I have to respect decisions that are made when I get back and just work towards getting things back to a good place. The thread not being opened now doesn’t mean it won’t ever open again or that communications will never open. It just means that, for now, things are getting a bit more strict till we get back to a good place.


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          • There was two official descriptions, a press release, SimGuru Tweets, the trailer and a blog.

            Everything in the leaks was confirmed by those. Even the render and the screenshot were officially released.

  • GOOD.

    THIS COMMUNITY IS GARBAGE. IT IS TOXIC, FLAMING GARBAGE. And it does not deserve the information and communication the gurus provide.

    All the gurus get when they give ANY information is a select minority of complete babies immediately shouting and screaming and crying and throwing their blocks around because the information isn’t exactly what they wanted to hear.

    It’s ridiculous.

    And I do not blame the simgurus.

    I am proud of them for sticking up for themselves. You can tell they are struggling not to tell these crybabies to just fuck right off entirely.

      • The select minority is the only part of the community anyone listens to.

        Remember that “88 things the sims 4 ripped out of our hands and stomped all over” list crap? Where most of the things werent in the game to begin with, were never in any base game, were inconsequential, or were repeated? Remember how EVERY gaming site coverd that stupid list? These crybabies are the only ones who get any airtime, they are the fans that the gaming community at large hears from, and they are toxic.

  • I really hate to post this but my gut is telling that that since we haven’t heard anything more about the Sims 4 next expansion pack that it is game over on the Sims 4 game due to everything that happened, it crashed and burned, yes I love my Sims games no matter what but the lack of news and updates about when and IF the Expansion pack is coming out is tighter then it would be to get into Area 51. Just like with Sims 2 their final game was a stuff pack called Mansion & Garden stuff that is pretty much like the Backyard stuff pack that we got months ago :( I don’t want Sims 4 to be over with but they need to tell us that it is game over for it or give us some kind of hope that EP 3 is still being worked on it has been 2 years and 10 days since Sims 4 base game came out and they did 100% did nothing to celebrate it. I want to believe that this is NOT the end of the Sims 4 game right now. but they are in their Trust No One mode right now and their Deny Everything mode also.

    • Sims 4 is not a cash cow but it’s making money and EA has also invested too much to just bail on it. It could get much better with more releases but that’s being more hopeful than realistic.

      What you and the community should be worried about is how down scaled The Sims 5 will be IF it’s made. Sims was absorbed into EA’s mobile division which sort of says it all.

      People will want to blame the “terrible” Sims community if/when this franchise bites the dust when it will be because EA messed up and thought they could pull one over the sims community because they monopolize the life simulator genre.

      • I love how they’re hoping for a Sims 5. If Sims 4 fails, ya’ll aint gettin shit. And if it fails, it’ll be the communities fault for being pissy little cunts cause they didn’t get toddlers.

      • I love how they’re hoping for a Sims 5. If Sims 4 fails, ya’ll aint gettin shit. And if it fails, it’ll be the communities fault for being pissy little cunts cause they didn’t get toddlers.

      • Can’t agree more You’re An Idiot! The people who roll over and let the EA/Gurus walk all over them are what is wrong with the community. We the “Pissy Little Cunts” (that lovely title is quoted from Jenny) are sick of no information and a crappy game that is boring and devoid of depth. Toddlers are just a small part of what is missing from this sub-par game! No other game I can think of, has gone backwards in technology and still has the blind followers wanting more!

  • us harassing them,n stressing them out,is not gonna make it get here any faster,it might even piss them off n stop making sims period,(slight exaggeration) but it cld happen,anyways I guess we just have to wait until there good and ready..☹️