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The Sims 4 City Living: San Myshuno World Map

UPDATE: SimGuruDaniel has confirmed that San Myshuno will come with 30 new lots, counting each apartment!

The Sims Team has unveiled the World Map of The Sims 4 City Living’s new world San Myshuno in their latest live broadcast. You can check some of the screens down below:

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  • the horrible thing about s4 map is that in sims 2/3 we were fully able to customise our own map , place houses where we wanted, add trees, decorations , only couldn’t move roads, but in sims 4 , and I mean sims 4 been after sims 2/3 which means sims 4 must be better version of those other series, we got this , we cannot move where we want our buildings , we have only specific places and we can build only there, one of the reasons why its downgrade, I don’t understand why hey cant fix it . do they understand this or no that sims 4 is bad because they made their own way down after sims 4, not up ,but down :|