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OPINION: The Sims 4 City Living Goes Against The Sims’ Philosophy

City Living is the most glaringly problematic pack thus far in The Sims 4

If you were to ask any simmer why they love The Sims, they would most likely tell you because of the freedom it allows them to do whatever they want. Whether it’s creating sims, building lots, or living out their sim’s lives. It’s the freedom, the creative abilities, the customization. This has always been the philosophy of the Sims series and why players have always come back, series after series, game after game.

That is, until Sims 4 City Living came along. The initial announcement showed off impressive apartments, cultural events, many returning activities from past games in the series, it seems like a really promising expansion in terms of deep gameplay, something Sims 4 has sorely been missing since its release two years ago. Then came the finer details of the pack through tweets and forum posts by the Gurus. One tweet the fans hard. This tweet right here:


As if that wasn’t a big enough shock to the playerbase. Enough of a kick to the shins to builders. Enough of a warning sign for players to head for the hills. We were then double whammied with this follow up tweet:

yikes2So not only are players barred from building their own apartments, but they’re also barred from adding apartments to any of the other worlds in the game, past or future. I’ve played Sims since the very beginning. I own every game released. Never have I seen something so against the philosophy of the Sims than this. All throughout the life of the Sims series we’ve always been able to create every single type of lot introduced. Even when shells were introduced in Sims 3 we were still able to create our own innards of them. We could make our own apartments in Sims 3 Late Night. We could build our own performance venues in Sims 3 Showtime. We could build our own interactive classrooms in Sims 3 University Life.

No matter what they introduced, they always found a way to do it in such a way that they stuck to their vision, but also allowed us to create our vision as well. City Living goes completely against this. The Sims Team stuck to their vision all right, but they removed any and all chances that we could stick to ours as well. They tried to merely write it off as a worthwhile decision because they’re so unique and fun and they “look better this way.” I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be able to build my own apartments and put them in whatever world I want rather than have “pretty shells.”

The fact of the matter is, no matter how fun this new apartment system may be, it will get boring quickly. It’ll get repetitive. It’ll get stale. No matter how fun they are, the apartments in City Living are minimal. We’re only going to get a handful because each world in Sims 4 never has many lots available. And what we get is it for the entirety of Sims 4. We can’t make them ourselves. We can’t download player made ones from the gallery. None will ever come in future packs as it’s an expansion-exclusive feature. So while they may be fun and exciting when the game first comes out, just know that they’re all we’re going to get, forever. So once you get bored of the available apartments, that’s it. Forever.


After watching the latest livestream for City Living, I’m even more confused as to why we can’t build our own apartments, or what they even mean by that phrase now. Penthouses are literally regular lots of any type (residential, club, park, etc.) on top of a giant world object no different than if they were placed on any other world lot. We can build anything on them, and we can download lots from the gallery to place on them. So clearly these don’t function as apartments, they’re just houses really high in the world.

The brownstone they showed off looked like it functioned exactly like the apartments in Sims 2. By that, I mean it had legitimate apartments and families you could visit, albeit after going through a loading screen instead of random sims popping out after knocking on the door like Sims 3. If an expansion from 2008, made for a base game made in 2004, could give us legit apartments that we could build ourselves, how is it that an expansion in 2016 for a base game made in 2014 can’t? It’s nonsense. I’d really like to see the inner workings of these lots so I can understand why exactly we can’t build our own because they look exactly like normal lots in Sims 4 and normal apartment lots in Sims 2, that we could build. I have so many questions after that livestream.

This is an extremely problematic sign for things to come. The team clearly has no regard for the philosophy of the Sims series. They have no regard for the freedom of the player. They’re going to continue making the game however they want, no matter how much it limits the player. We saw warning signs of this in Get Together when we couldn’t change the lot type of the Von Haunte Estate, then again in Dine Out when our sims were only allowed to hire employees, they couldn’t cook and wait tables themselves. But the apartment system in City Living is the most glaring example of this lack of freedom thus far in Sims 4, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of the game. At all.

So no matter how fun the apartments may be, it wasn’t worth it.

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Nate Alexander

I'm an aspiring indie screenwriter that can't stop simming long enough to be productive. Aside from sims, my hobbies include writing, eating, sleeping, not exercising, and loving turtles.


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  • I agree with you in some points… but we can only be 100% sure we won’t be able to build apartments when we get the game, The Sims 3 Late Night way of building apartments wasn’t really legit, well at least not as legit as the Sims 2 way. We don’t even have an idea of what the Sims’ team made necessary for apartments to work, those things might be in debug. So until I see the actual game by myself I won’t be criticizing their work. At the end of the day City Living isn’t Apartment Life, it is not all about living in apartments but experience the city and all it as to offer, karaoke, cultural diversity, festivals, new careers, other culture’s food and traditions. I truly belive the Sims franchising will end because of its overwhelming negative community.

    • There could be coding that will allow mod developers to create a modified apartment system — maybe not full-scale multiplexes but at least duplexes or triplexes in the non-city worlds. For those of us who are mere players, not builders, the lack of buildable apartments is really no big deal — we’ll still be able to decorate our places the way we want, with the exception of some things like moving pipes or power boxes and if you’ve ever lived in an actual apartment you get that limitation easily. And yes, City Living isn’t Apartment Life; it’s about the entire city experience of which we’ve only heard the bare minimum.

      • Not necessarily, I’m not a builder but I was looking forward to playing in apartments uploaded to the gallery. So many different gameplay options but they’ve taken away that choice.

      • It seems more like an apartment pack to me. That’s all they really show and that’s all I ever hear about. Nothing about this makes me feel like I’ll be exploring the city. The world is small and the background is city staged with fancy detail to make up for the lack thereof. Sims 3 Late Night is better than this and Apartment Living, oops, City Living isn’t even out yet.

    • Well yeah…it is about living in the city, so in aparments….and actually aside from festivals, there’s not much into this… and never forget, there a lot of us, who are builders, and don’t really like to play the living mode, or at least only a very unimportant way, for us, builders this game is going to the worst direction, becuase in my case, it is boring as hell…. so after I saw it all, it has nothing interesting to me… GT was like 13h of actual living mode for me, before it became repetative, and boring…

    • YES YES 1000 TIMES YES! People are freaking out over a pack that isn’t released yet and sure, I can understand that some players are builders, in which case this pack doesn’t give a lot, but I’m still excited for the city living aspect. I want to see the festivals, and the street art and lot traits.
      It feels to me like sims 4 EPs are focused around live mode with stuff packs being there for items and game packs having some gameplay not not enough to warrant a full EP.

  • Very well said. And that’s why the fans will drop that franchise, and Sims going to be done, because if they follow that direction, Sims 5 (if there’ll ever a Sims 5) will be even worse. And we already know it…
    So anybody knows a good simulation game, with good visual design, that is indeed a sandbox game? Because I’m really looking forward, as the Sims 4 is dead for me…

    • It’s a dying breed for me. And remember this is after nearly a year of waiting for a new EP only for them to tell us “No!”. No you can’t do this…haha no you can’t do that either nice try though…..I literally uninstalled my game after these announcements this is not the sims franchise I came to love!

  • I quickly agree the apartments will be boring, because in addition to not being able to build from scratch or in other cities can? I am deeply saddened always acrediei in the sims 4 would improve more I am increasingly dismayed and I am really thinking that the game will become obsolete.

  • Yep, but in my point, It isn’t fault of Sim Studio, but EA, Sims Studio it’s just a Enterprise who EA buy for winning money, EA give the DEVS a date for delivery something for the game, no matter what. They can’t do nothing, if EA request, they have to agree and delivery some bad Expansions, Game Packs and Stuff Packs.
    They don’t have enough time to release something good for yours.
    I don’t agree if The DEVS, even more now after they announce and show some details of A Expansion Pack who take 1 year to be announce and it’s just like they york on the City Living for 3 months.

    • Well, maybe…EA already killed a few franchises, like C&C, Dragon Age, Spore… Sim City… Now it’s almost a wonder that the Sims is still alive in a way…in a strange undead way..but it is. On the other hand, just look at the under 30, young and career oriented DEVs, we having here around…. all that is what the game reflects back… party, go out, babies are objects to interract with, party, go to spa, have a dinner in a nice place, earn money… who needs family, or any crude humor… or a reasonable human like relationship? Right? ;) …. But really. Sure it depends on the Devs as well… but yeah the time-frame and that there are only 5 people working on an EP for a year it makes the already stinkie situation worse on the top level. The sims could survive that long, because of the community, the major fanbase it had so far…. and is it is shrinking dramatically. And what heavily bothers me, that it could be really anm amazing game…but it won’t be as good as even Sims2, c’mon… ok, it looks better.

      • Honestly, I feel even it looking better is highly subjective. I like TS2’s style more than TS4’s because it’s less… pastel-ish.

        • Well I really like the look of TS4, and also the CAs is great in some ways… but that’s all… well, not true, the Build mode could be so amazing, if they would try a little bit, what they don’t do…

      • I’m confused, how did EA kill Dragon Age? I have played all 3 games and love them. I like to see all the lore information we are being given with each new game in the series and I like being able to replay the games and see my new choices affect things differently from my previous playthroughs.

  • I’m already bored from reading the limitations of this pack. It is a flop for me. A huge flop. They failed again and nothing is going to change my mind about how bad this EP is. Will I buy it? Maybe, if those ugly shells could be moded and when the EP is like at 50% discount.

    The next EP will have a fixed world where players cannot change anything. The more crap the fans are ready to take the shitier these packs will get.

    • Glad I’m not the only one bored of reading about the limitations of this EP. Seems like the more I read, the more I end up having negative opinions about the sims 4.

  • This is exactly the problem that has been growing since Get Together, City Living is ok but theres just so much limitation, why must they do this to us.

  • This is literally what I’ve been feeling and saying this whole time, especially that part about Penthouses. I just went on a rant the other day explaining the exact same thing about how they function as regular builds on a lot smh. This City Living EP is a joke.

    • All this City Living expansion did was make me go back to The Sims 2: Apartment Life with the The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection where I don’t even need a loading screen to walk into a neighbors house and I’m having fun! At this point I truly believe that The Sims 2: Apartment Life is now more superior then City Living due to the less limitations The Sims 2 had! So your right it’s a joke. A bad joke that’s worth leaving the audience to provide an empty room to the entertainer….

        • No you don’t! Just knock on the door and you can come in or ask the neighbor to come on out with no plumbobs shaking it’s booty! Yeah Sims 4 is an embarrassment. It can’t do something The Sims could in 2008?!? Where’s the logic here?

    • I hate people like you, who don’T notice positive things, and only care about bad things. Is Sims 4 a joke? No, it’s not, that person is a joke who says that. Sims 4 has much more positive things than negative, so stop saying things like “It’s a failure.” “It’s a bad joke..” “It’s embarrassment!”. I woke up with good emotions today, I decided to look after some news about TS4:CL, and I found these negative haters who can’t appreciate anything good… Congratulations, and sorry if u think this comment is insulting, I send this to everyone who are writing things like u. If u dont like the game then stop playing it, it’s simple… -.-

      • Perhaps you should not take offense toward something that’s no directed at you. If we didn’t like the game, we wouldn’t have any thoughts about it in the first place. You hate someone because they have a different opinion than you? Life is not going to be easy for you if that’s all it takes for you to hate someone. You’re assuming the positive things aren’t noticed. Perhaps if you stopped being offended and thought for a moment, you’d figure out none of us hate the game.

        And on that note, perhaps you should follow your own advice. Why are you on this article if you hate it? Why did you reply to any comments if you don’t like them? You sound like a hypocrite. The only “negative hater” in this thread is you.

        • I don’t have problem with your own opinion. But I scrolled down and I saw three-four comments of yours for example “Sims 4 is an embaressment.” I understand what u wrote, but u just exaggerated. Everyone exaggerated. Maybe this is your opinion. (I admit that I was too rude, I just had a very bad day, and I am sorry for that). And after I wrote my replies I exited this site, and didn’t came back, I only saw your reply because they sent me an email. It’s okay, if you have problems with the game, but you wrote down the same thing three or four times, and it started to annoy me. Usually I am not that rude with people on the internet, but as I said, I was tired and tense, and It was just annoying that everyone said bad about an EP that I am excited about while I just wanted to read some news about it. And I admit I overreacted it, so sorry for it, again, but I still think that a part of my comment is right.

          • First off, if I have multiple replies, chances are I’m speaking to multiple people.

            Second, yes, I feel the game is an embarrassment when it’s incapable of things that were possible 8 – 12 years ago. That does not mean I think whoever disagrees is wrong. It means this is just how I feel. Nothing more or less.

            Third, I accept your apology, but I would like you to understand having a problem with something is not equivalent to hating it. I’ve already said more than once I’m buying this pack. Just not at full price. Many of us WANT to like Sims 4, hence why we keep following it, and are actually frustrated we don’t. Do you really think most of us would stress ourselves like this if we didn’t have some hope for the game? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have never said there’s nothing positive about the game. What I have expressed is I find some of their choices and priorities questionable.

            By all means, I’m happy for those who are entirely pleased with the game, but it’s not right to demand others be quiet because their way of thinking isn’t in line with yours. If someone throws attacks at you, that’s a different matter, but that didn’t happen. It’s not like the admins are biased. They’ve allowed all comments about the game.

            I don’t mean to sound like a lecturer. I’m simply trying to emphasize however I feel is not an attack on anyone who feels differently. My feelings are toward the game, not the happier part of its fandom. I have no problem with them until they begin looking down their nose at me. THEN, we have a big problem.

          • Honestly, I didn’T wrote down everything but now I will: I watched my email and I saw a few notification from simscommunity that there are new replies for my comment – I didn’t remember that I wrote any comment, so I was very confused. – Then I watched the page, and after I read my comment, I knew when I wrote it. When I wrote it I was tired, and tense, I didn’t even knew what I wrote, I just sent it without reading it. Sorry for that, but sometimes when I am very tired I do stupid things. :/ I don’t agree with your opinion, but I accept it. So, you don’t need to tell me that is not right to hate someone because they have other opinion, I already know this. :) Thank you for your replies.

      • Sorry, but we have our opinion on that, and if something sucks, why should I be positive about it? And no, you’re so wrong when you think we are haters here, we are just the disappointed fans, who were paying already a tons of money since 2000 for this franchise, and sure we loved this game, if we feel like they messed it up…. yeah that may sound negative, but life is like that…

        • Jól sejtem, hogy te magyar vagy? Mindenek ellenére igazad van neked is, csak már fáradt voltam, rosszkedvű és ideges, és igazából meggondolatlanul el sem olvastam amit írtam, csak elküldtem. Belátom hogy hibáztam, és mindenkinek megvan a saját véleménye, de szerintem mindenki túlreagálta (én is). Túlzások tömkelege van az én kommentemben, de másokéban is. Továbbra is gy gondolom, hogy egy része igaz annak amit írtam, de tele van sértésekkel, és nem valami kedves üzenet, szóval ezért utólag bocsánat.

          • Igen, talált. Semmi gond, mindenki túlreagálja, ez tény. Én is, mert kicsit kiábrándultam…de ez van :)

      • What is there to be positive about when they’re more cons than pros to this game series? I fell in love with the Sims then eventually ended up playing sims 2 then sims 3. I was so excited for sims 4 but like everyone else stated this game is a lackluster and very boring after awhile. The best part of the game is the CAS. I had more fun playing the sims 3 based game vs playinf the sims 4 plus all the packs including. I think with this series the fact that EA took away the movies and beaches and open world and cars and toddlers and creativity with out limitations ; basically the things that mainly make the sims series stand out made this game boring and useless. I don’t think what everyone’s asking for is too much.

        • Okay, you are right. Sorry for being rude, I was tired and tense. I didn’t read what I wrote, I just sent it. But if I wouldn’t be that tired I guess I would write a better, more friendly and nice message to the people who are complaining about the EP. I still think that a part of my comment is true, but I used the hate word too much. :/ Sorry for that. Everyone has their own opinions, I understand that. But everyone overreacted it, just like me. U said things about it, which was exaggerated. So that’s why I wasn’t that nice. I admit that the SIms 4 has a lot of negative things, but I believe it’s a good game, and it has more pros than cons. This is just my opinion. And I overreacted your opinion, so sorry about that.

          • It’s okay love. I don’t think I exaggerated on anything. The sims 4 isn’t a horrible game ; it’s just not what most ppl expected. I’m excited about the new EP coming out because it opens up to a new chapter in the sims 4. So hopefully more progression for this game series.

      • Sims 4 made the first lgbtq friendly option and creation feature of any game. My friend who happens to be Trans was in tears because she has a sim who is her in every way. Sims is coming out with a vegan option. There’s been so many positives that out way the negative. Like people complain we want toddler when equality should of been our main concern

        • And that’s lovely, but for most people, a video game is a platform to be making social statements. If you want to fight for equality, try ways that actually get you out of the house and involved with people.

      • Hate is a strong word so I’ll choose the latter. I dislike people like you who choose to not or can’t comprehend what they’re reading. People who can’t get the point, now that’s insulting. So first, my statement about the new EP being a joke is my opinion and your disagreement against it is the same, an opinion. Secondly, all those extras words that you’re trying to add into what I said in my prior response is not anything I said. Take that up with whoever else you need to vent to. Third, I never said I hated The Sims 4 nor am I a hater. People seriously need to start looking up the definition of a hater before randomly tossing it around like an illiterate internet warrior. I like the game but it’s a fact that it has its flaws and that it’s lacking. So if you can’t handle different opinions from your premature nap then stay your ass off the internet. It’s that simple. ;-)

        • Okay, you are right. Sorry for being rude, I was tired and tense, and I was annoyed to see that nearly everyone talks trash about an EP that I actually really like. I didn’t read what I wrote, I just sent it. But if I wouldn’t be that tired I guess I would write a better, more friendly message to the people who are complaining about the EP. I still think that a part of my comment is true, but I used the hate word too much. :/ Sorry for that. Everyone has their own opinions, I understand that. But everyone overreacted it, just like me. U said things about it, which was exaggerated. So that’s why I wasn’t that nice.

          • What I said wasn’t exaggerated but you sat here calling people stupid and idiots. That, to me is exaggerated. If you don’t like being talked down to then I suggest not doing it to others. Everyone has a right to their opinion about the game. Who are you to suggest that they are wrong for doing so? Just because we point out what’s wrong with the game or an EP/SP, be it negative or not, it doesn’t mean that we don’t notice the good qualities that it does have and it doesn’t mean that we don’t like it. You’re looking at certain things as if we’re talking about the big picture and some of us are just looking at the smaller pieces. Suggesting an overall prediction of the games longevity is still an opinion nonetheless and opinions are something we as people have no choice but to deal with regardless. An opinion is neither right or wrong but how you choose to respond is different. This is what’s wrong with society. Learn to acknowledge a person’s opinion whether you agree or not. You can respond or don’t but either way, just move on. There’s no need to sit here and belittle or call people stupid or idiots for it. -_-

          • Okay, I will try to be a little bit nicer now: Did you even read my second comment? I told that before I sent my first comment I didn’t read it, and I didn’t thought while I wrote. So, I apologized because of everything what I wrote in my first comment, and I told that I didn’t wanted to be rude, but you still act like you have to scold me because I was rude. No, I wrote down that I didn’t meant what I wrote down in my first comment. So why are you scolding me? I understand that everyone has their own opinion, and I accept it, and I made it clear. I apologized for being rude, and I wrote down, that I was tired and tense and I didn’t know what am I writing. So I don’t understand why you reply to my SECOND comment how you should reply to my FIRST comment. My second comment and my first comment are very different, so you have no reason to scold me, after I wrote down everything in my second comment, but you still do it. And yes, I believe you exaggerated it. You wrote exaggerated things about the EP, about the game. This is my opinion. Maybe you don’t agree with me, but you just berated me because in my FIRST (remember, first) comment I was rude to other people and I didn’t accepted their opinion. And I don’t remember calling people stupid or idiots, but if I did, I apologized in my second comment (remember? I did it, Just read it again). So before you berate people on the internet read their comment attentive.

          • And you’re repeating yourself. I read your comments. Think what you want. I’m done talking to you.

  • The game isn’t release yet, many of us or perhaps, most of us haven’t try the game, but still they’re judging like they already played the game :) (except you’re a fortune teller of course) no offense i’m just saying ;)

  • I’d say there were even earlier warning signs than Get Together. Lots in Sims 4 cannot be edited in any way. They cannot be added or removed like in previous games. You are stuck with the lot sizes available. When you really think about it, it’s not surprising at all the restrictions are beginning to grow. It’s been there since the very beginning, but the hype train rode right past it. They’re merely making it more obvious. Prior to City Living, I’d have considered Magnolia Promenade, a “world” with only four lots, to be the most glaring example. I seriously cannot believe “looking pretty” is considered of more importance than functionality. Then again, “looking pretty” is close to half of what Sims 4 is anyway.

    Frankly, I’ve yet to find a pack in Sims 4 I use continually that’s not for story purposes. Even the packs with themes I like (Dine Out, for example) are used very rarely and City Living is going to join them. Some of this pack is very exciting, such as the return of the unflirty and vegetarian traits, but the news about apartments put a huge damper on my excitement and it’s why I won’t buy this pack until it goes on sale. I don’t want to spend $40 on something I’m not 100% excited for.

    (On another note, I’d like to say I’m happy the admins of this website are open-minded and allow all opinions of the game. I got booted out of one Sims community/group for my excitement about this pack being dampered, and it resulted in me being very nervous to join another. But so far, I’ve found this site to be pretty open and receptive to everybody. Please continue that!)

  • I 100% agree. Their bs excuses for all these limitations they keep putting on us is so annoying. They don’t really think we’re all buying into these excuses do they?

  • Ugh, I only see negativity, negativity, and negativity. Can u see positive things, or u only care about bad things, and complain because them? Did you noticed that this pack has a lot of exciting feature, and it can be awesome? Or you stuck up on trifles? I really don’t understand anyone’s opinion here, they can’t appreciate good things… -.- “I uninstalled my game because sims 4 is dying.” “The whole game is a failure.” No it’s not, and if u think this u r very idiot. Apartments look wierd in suburb, and except of San Myshuno, every other world is suburb. But in San Myshuno, apartments are already built, so we don’t need to be able to build apartments, or place them in other world, but modders will make mod for that, anyway. So stop saying things like it’s a failure, and notice positive things and try to enjoy games. And if u too stupid for that then stop playing sims, and play another game… -.-

    • You insult people by calling them “stupid” and “idiots”, yet it’s everyone else who’s being hateful. Right…

      In case you didn’t notice, nobody resorted to calling names and hurling insults except you. Everyone else kept their opinions about the game, but you moved into verbally attacking others. You are the most hateful person on this thread.

    • You’re disgusting! You forced other people to agree with ur own opinion! U can’t even appreciate others’ opinion… u’re so hypocrite and u even insult others with “stupid” and “idiot”… You should be ashamed of urself!

    • You’re sitting here calling people stupid and idiots, yet you can’t even complete a cohesive sentence. If you don’t like being talked down to then I suggest not doing it to others. Everyone has a right to their opinion about the game. Who are you to suggest that they are wrong for doing so? Just because we point out what’s wrong with the game or an EP/SP, be it negative or not, it doesn’t mean that we don’t notice the good qualities that it does have. You’re looking at certain things as if we’re talking about the big picture and some of us are just looking at the smaller pieces. Suggesting an overall prediction of the games longevity is still an opinion nonetheless. Deal with it. This is what’s wrong with society. Learn to acknowledge a person’s opinion whether you agree or not and just move on. No need to sit here and call people stupid or idiots for it. -_-

  • Honestly I had optimism about TS4 but at this point it’s just sad. I hope EA/The Sims dev team decides to rethink their game. Hire new people, throw out the problems, let them game go in a new direction. Fallout 4 has pretty much included their own version of The Sims, and that game is already pretty huge; it’s not a mistake to be asking for more when they’ve reduced themselves to no more than a mobile game on a high. TS3 had it’s problems, TS2 had it’s problems, but they still gave us a game worth playing. TS4 doesn’t have that going for them. While I’m low on hope, the last thing any of us can hope for is that TS5 will get itself together and take the game in a better direction, the direction TS4 should’ve been going in.

  • Why are simmers so demanding?! Even though we can’t build apartments, i’m pretty sure the sim gurus work really hard to satisfy us ( at least how they think they can satisfy us…)! If apartments were buildabul simmers would still compliment about this and that! Can’t people just apriciate What we have (and going to have) for the sims 4? WE WANT APARTMENTS ( sims finally gets apartments) WE WANT TO BUILD APARTMENTS ( we eventually get to build apartments) WE WANT … Sorry but I love this expansion pack and I’m soo excited to play it even If can’t build apartments.

  • I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with the City Living restrictions if it were A GAME PACK and sold at that price. But for an expansion pack? You’ve got to be kidding me. So yeah, I totally agree.

  • At one point, they did say they’re working with an engine that’s more limited than Sims 3. To this day, that’s strange to me. Why are you using an engine that’s weaker than its predecessor?

    • I think it’s more limited in what it can do but more powerful in what it does do. I have less lag in sims 4 than I ever did in sims 3 (except maybe the base game which was pretty boring anyway)

    • IMHO, the engine they’re using right now is better than TS3, I’d say more powerful than they can imagine. I will never believe that statement because that statement only says “we are unsure of what we’re trying to do, we’re still experimenting it”. So yeah, this problem is not about “it”, its about “them”.

  • What’s most pathetic to me is at this point in the Sims franchise modders are coming up with better game changes and ideas then the actual Sims team that probably has state of the art equipment and millions of dollars behind them. In short give it a few months and I’m sure some genius modder is going to find a way around this and we will be placing apartments everywhere

  • The Sims 4 is a big dissapointment. The can ruin every perfect expansion pack. The Sims 4 has a perfect graphics, but loading between visiting lots and apartments making it the worst The Sims game in the series after TS1. Hope they´ll do better in future EPs and be more careful with The Sims 5… :(

  • I personally disagree with you, at least until this EP is actually released. I can understand why people are upset about not being able to create your own apartments from scratch but with the shells I had no clue that in sims 3 you could create your own innards for them. I looked it up after reading this and went “huh”. It was such a roundabout way of doing it that it can’t really be considered all that legit.
    In terms of placing them in other worlds one of the BEST things about sims 4 is the ability to move in between worlds with ease and as such allows for a world that is PURELY city and worlds that are PURELY suburbs. It WOULD have been nice if we could create mini apartment complexes like the apartments in sims 2 for the suburb worlds (I don’t know about where you’re from but in Melbourne, Australia we don’t have high rise apartments in the suburbs) but I’ll get over it.

  • I hope that we at least get to change the apartments they’ve already put in the game… I was really disappointed by this because I wanted to make the apartments from one of my favourite anime (Hidamari Sketch) and the building I live in as well… I’m taking a break from simming until I finish my exams this year at uni, hopefully by then there’ll be at least one more pack (that is something the community have asked for) and some updates to make the game more fun. This was my first Sims game and I’ve already invested too much time (and money) to go back and start a life in Sims 3. It was exciting in the beginning (despite the huge shock that there were no toddlers (lol, I should have ran to Sims 3 right at that point)) but now things are a bit tedious and definitely very restricting. There are loads of things and people I want to make, but I can’t :(

  • Are we really surprised though? The Sim 4 has never yet been like the other games.. it has always been quite different no matter what new packs or expansions come out.

  • I enjoy City Living and Sims4 just like that, I don’t feel any need to create apartments everywhere this post is just another complainer’s whining if someone’s don’t like it there’s still sims3 or sims2 or even sims1 people can go back to

  • at least it’s a playable game that you don’t get bored of after 10 minutes like ts3. the only way to make ts3 fun is to spend $80 on university, generations, pets, and seasons. that’s the same money as buying ts3 THREE TIMES.

  • The less you listen to fans, the less popular your game will be. Seems like they seem intent on destroying everything The Sims franchise stands for. I’ve been playing The Sims since some of those devs were like 5. Outrageous.