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The Sims 4: September 27th Update Overview

09 27 16 9 41 25 PM

This The Sims 4 Update brought new objects, CAS items, recipes and more to the table, so let’s get started!

If you’re interested into reading the patch notes, CLICK HERE!

Create A Sim

Adult Feminine – 1 Hairstyle, 3 Face Paints, 1 Outfit

Adult Masculine – 1 Hat, 2 Face Paints, 1 Outfit

Child Feminine & Masculine – 1 Face Paint, 1 Outfit

Build Items

The new update brings 5 new objects. All of these can easily be found by using the ”day of the dead” search term in the search box.


New Recipe

Your Sims can now cook a new recipe called ”Pan De Muerto”. You don’t have to be a skilled cook to make it!



Upcoming Event

The Sims Team has already patched in the upcoming event called ”Day of the Dead” which should be unlocked in the following days. CLICK HERE for some basic info about the event and check out THIS POST on how to collect the sugar skulls!


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