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The Sims 4: How to get Sugar Skulls for the Day of the Dead Event!


In the new update published Tuesday 27th September, Sugar Skulls have been added as a collectable to The Sims 4! There are 10 to collect and this is how you get them.

First, you’ll need a grave. This can be any sims. (Note: you can only do this during the night) Then you can click on the grave and select the option ‘Leave Sugar Skull Offering’.


This might take a few tries (And it has a cool down) however when it succeeds the grave will glow and your sim will cheer. After that you’ll get a notification announcing ‘the ancestors have heard your call and sent a Day of the Dead celebrator to roam the neighborhood’



It might take a couple of minutes to find them, but somewhere in your current neighbourhood will be a sim wearing Day of the Dead face paint and clothes. Also, if you hover your mouse over the sim, they have a title saying ‘Day of the Dead celebrator’.


It doesn’t seem like this job is given to one sim, it might be any pre-made sim within the world. (For example, here Max is given the job. But in your neighbourhood it might be someone else)

One you have found the celebrator, simply click on them and ‘Ask for Sugar Skull’.


After a small conversation, your sim will automatically get a skull in their inventory.


The command does have a cool down so make sure to come back later for more skulls! (This applies even if you have more than 1 member in your household, only 1 sim may ask for a skull then you have to wait for the cool down)!

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