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The Sims 4: How to get Sugar Skulls for the Day of the Dead Event!

In the new update published Tuesday 27th September, Sugar Skulls have been added as a collectable to The Sims 4! There are 10 to collect and this is how you get them.

First, you’ll need a grave. This can be any sims. (Note: you can only do this during the night) Then you can click on the grave and select the option ‘Leave Sugar Skull Offering’.

This might take a few tries (And it has a cool down) however when it succeeds the grave will glow and your sim will cheer. After that you’ll get a notification announcing ‘the ancestors have heard your call and sent a Day of the Dead celebrator to roam the neighborhood’



It might take a couple of minutes to find them, but somewhere in your current neighbourhood will be a sim wearing Day of the Dead face paint and clothes. Also, if you hover your mouse over the sim, they have a title saying ‘Day of the Dead celebrator’.


It doesn’t seem like this job is given to one sim, it might be any pre-made sim within the world. (For example, here Max is given the job. But in your neighbourhood it might be someone else)

One you have found the celebrator, simply click on them and ‘Ask for Sugar Skull’.


After a small conversation, your sim will automatically get a skull in their inventory.


The command does have a cool down so make sure to come back later for more skulls! (This applies even if you have more than 1 member in your household, only 1 sim may ask for a skull then you have to wait for the cool down)!

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    • You do realize this is traditional celebration of honouring our ancestors, and doesn’t really have anything with satan. It’s celebrated in a lot of churches, and it’s very beautiful.

      • Uh, what kind of church do you go to? lol You should speak for your own church or the church you know of instead of saying “a lot of churches do this”. I’ve been to several and the ones that I’ve been to do not do no type of celebration like this, especially with skulls involved.

        • It’s a Mexican Tradition, it’s giving respect to your ancestors, Asians have a similar tradition, for example the Chinese celebrate with a Qingming Festival aka tomb sweeping day, they clean their families tombs etc and show them that they aren’t forgotten. Mexican Catholic churches honor this, there’s nothing satanic about it.

          • And your comment about how clueless my comment is lol is laughable. Oh you are just a true champion for your use of just as much clueless, useless and insignificant words. Good for you. I’m sure we’re sharing that cave together ;-)

    • It’s a Mexican Tradition, it’s giving respect to your ancestors, Asians have a similar tradition, for example the Chinese celebrate with a Qingming Festival aka tomb sweeping day, they clean their families tombs etc and show them that they aren’t forgotten. Mexican Catholic churches honor this, there’s nothing satanic about it so if you could please not be judgmental simply because you’re ignorant about other cultures besides your own, that would be lovely because lets remember, Jesus wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

      • I’m sorry but are you referring to me? You’re not elaborate nor are you correct on your accusations IF they are towards me. Never said it was satanic but I did say that the churches I went to do not do that type of celebration. If people learn to comprehend better then they’d notice that instead of overlooking what they’re reading.

        • If you didn’t say it was satanic then I wasn’t talking to you! Someone said what a way to worship satan! Go be a sensitive sally somewhere else.

          • Not many people do? You are so ignorant! Do you know what the Mexican population is? It definitely qualifies as A LOT! Just because YOU don’t know it does not mean that few people know. The world is a big one outside your bubble.

          • What the hell are you talking about? You’re calling me ignorant bcus I didn’t know what type of church does rituals like this and bcus I said that not many people know about these rituals in response to the person who so nicely generalized it in that fashion, that makes me ignorant? They mentioned that a lot of churches do these rituals and considering that I’ve been to a few churches that do not, doesn’t make me ignorant and being that I’ve been to several churches outside of my normal doesn’t classify me as being in a bubble as you say. Being ignorant is a person who won’t accept something different than what they’re use to or choosing to stick to what they know while chastising what they don’t and those who don’t, won’t and choose to NOT accept THEIR own way of life, such as someone who is prejudice or discriminating. Neither of which I am nor did. The list could go on. So get your sh&t together. To say that not a lot of churches do rituals like this is a fact and to say that not many people know about it is not ignorance. Do I know what the Mexican population is? Try asking me if I care. I don’t. Do you know what the American population is? What about the Japanese or U.K. population? Africa? Antarctica? Do you know? Yet I still don’t care bcus nothing about what you asked has nothing to do with anything anyone has said. See, I was open to enlightenment which is the very reason why I asked the question to what church even does this yet your ignorance and your choice to read and interpret what I said any which way you wanted and your need for being a troll yourself only leads me to believe that the only ignorant person here are those who can’t handle the fact that not everyone is familiar with Mexican culture and you. Now see, that’s the bubble you live in, to expect people to just know something. Never did I speak negatively about Mexican culture so all this bs that you just got all hyped about makes no sense to anything I said. What does you mentioning to me about the “culture qualifying a lot” have to do with my question or anything I said? Like, what are you saying? Spare me your weak lecture. I said there’s nothing wrong with people not knowing much about the topic and there’s nothing wrong with asking. Yet here you are storming in like a drunken fool. You don’t even know what exactly you’re responding to bcus you’re so quick to jump to an argument with invalid accusations and confused points to my responses that have nothing to do with what you’re trying to debate with me about. It’s fine that you’re all proud of your culture but I never knocked anyone for what they believe in or celebrate so what are you taking about? You talk about bubbles but you can’t even remove the one that’s so far shoved up your a$$. When you can fully comprehend a paragraph well enough, then talk to me.

        • I wasn’t talking about you, I’m trying to not be rude but please get over yourself not every comment is geared towards you, see the arrow by your name and how it says Jordan Ashlee right next to it? Look at that if it doesn’t say your name by the arrow then the comments aren’t towards you.

          • I didn’t say it was that’s why I asked. If you didn’t notice, your “reply to” said “guest”. At least, it said guest for me. Could’ve been a site mistake. Not sure. So get over yourself. Next time you want to be rude, you can try again to my face. Get your facts and stop judging ____. Feel free to fill in the blank. Starts with a B ends with an H.

      • i equate it to all saint’s day (november 1st, probably implemented to circumvent celtic-pagan all hallows eve, or hallowe’en), a catholic custom i celebrate, since i’m catholic. since the bulk of mexico is catholic, is it so hard to imagine they’d have their own customs and traditions for a traditional catholic holiday? it’s just paying respect to your ancestors, and taking care of their gravesites. why anyone would think it’s a satanic custom baffles me completely.

  • For those of you who are unfamiliar or perhaps feeling like this is a Satanic thing in some way, maybe watch a video or two or read an article about Dia de Los Muertos. It’s good to be informed on traditions in different cultures. I live in Texas so Dia is very prevalent here, but it may not be so elsewhere. Either way, please try to be understanding and informed.

  • I live in NJ. I’ve genuinely only ever heard of this holiday on the internet. I’m glad this content is here for those who celebrate, but I’m avoiding this update because I’m not comfortable having this holiday in my game when I don’t celebrate it and have no relation to it. The comments on this post are telling me that’s a wise decision on my part.

    • Wow. You’re basing your dislike on some comments people on the Internet are making. Interesting. Sorry it doesn’t appeal to you. Most holidays don’t do anything for me, either, but it’s a game, so I enjoy the additional gameplay.

        • Kayestar, much like Christmas and Easter, Día de los Muertos is a Christian holiday which incorporates elements from the culture in which it is celebrated. It is a holiday to honor one’s deceased loved ones and ancestors. It is held on All Saints’ and All Souls’, and you’re being ignorant and rude by suggesting that the families who take this time to remember the dead are somehow demonic or evil. Versions of this holiday are practiced in France, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, and many other countries. It is a deeply spiritual and meaningful holiday, but yes, it is also a time for celebration and poking fun at a fear of death. Sorry the spooooOoooky skeletons scared you.

  • I love the day of the dead festival its so colourful and there are lots of candy skulls and decorations honouring the dead and the veil is so thin on that day I have always wanted to get to Mexico around the day of the dead festival just to see what an inspiring tradition it is. It looks so much fun :D

  • if I have ghosts that joined to my family, can you still ask them for skull? Those ghosts never ever going back to their urn or grave.

  • I have collected over 9 sugar skulls and it keeps saying i have only collected 5/9 when my sugar skull case is full. Can anybody help?

  • one of the sims isn’t giving me the skull I am best friends with him and good friends with him and he ain’t giving it up what should I do? his name is august whitley