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The Sims 4: Day Of The Dead Challenge Tutorial


Welcome to the Day Of the Dead Challenge! This challenge is all about the Mexican tradition of celebrating your ancestors and the Sugar Skulls are traditional decorations for the event. In The Sims 4, it’s your turn to collect the ornaments and in return have the power to save a loved one from the Grim Reaper! (And also gain him as a friend)


What you’ll need to do:

  • First of all, open your Sims phone which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. From here head to the social tab and ‘Call Jasmine Holiday’.


  • Jasmine will announce she’s on her way, look around your neighbourhood to locate her! The easiest way to spot her is that she will be wearing a jacket with a sugar skull logo on the back.


  • Simply click on Jasmine and ask her about the new event, she will give you a full rundown of what to do. She will also gift you with a ‘Sugar Skull Display Case’ which can be found in your family inventory. It has a couple of different swatches so if you don’t like the colour feel free to change it.


  • Next, you’ll need to find some celebrators! These are Sims dressed in vibrant Day of the Dead clothes. Best time to find them is around dawn and dusk, a little tip provided by Sim Guru Graham. They will look something like the Sim, with the face paint, below. (Note: A little warning, sometimes this will take a few goes. Just build up your friendship with the Celebrator and get them in a good mood. They will be less reluctant to hand over a skull to you.)




  • The skulls get a little harder to get each one you collect, so don’t fret if you can’t find them all right away. But, once you have all 9 unique skull, add them to your Display Case and you’ll be able to ‘Honor the Dead’!


  • Once you’ve honoured them you’ll be transformed into a wonderful outfit and gifted with the Golden Sugar Skull, now located at the top of the Display Case!


  • Whilst you are honouring the dead you’ll have a bit more persuading power with the one and only Grim Reaper!


  • So you don’t have to, I killed one of my Sims! (Evil Laugh) And sure enough, along came Grim.
  • Whilst honouring the dead, my sim pleaded for her dear departed husband and Grim agreed to let him live!


  • Since Grim was so nice, I decided to have a chat with him and found 3 interactions! You can ‘Discuss Afterlife’ , ‘Enthuse about Sugar Skulls’ and ‘Complain about Spirits’. Also, your friendship with Grim will go up very fast and I was good friends with him within 5 interactions!
  • Another quick way to summon the Day of the Dead Celebrator is to visit a grave and ‘Leave Sugar Skull Offering’ They will then be summoned to your neighbourhood and you’ll be able to find them walking around. 23
  • Hope you guys found this helpful! Remember, you can keep track of all your collected skulls in the upper left corner during your play time in live mode. By hovering over the blue plumbob with a profile on the right you can also check how many skulls have been collected by all the players around the world. Happy collecting!


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