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The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack Back in Development!

The enhanced version of The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack is back in development, with a variety of upgrades. Most* (*see below for details) of the features mentioned in the previous announcement will be included, but with improvements for a better experience.


  • Normal classes have been reorganised into three goal categories: Question Goals, Activity Goals and Social Goals, with a main goal of attending class for two hours. Question and Activity goals are both available when the day starts, but Social goals will only appear after performing the “Call to Meal” interaction on food. After completing three Activity goals, the fourth goal will always be to Call to Meal or eat food. This helps create a more organised school day, in which the player starts by listening to a lecture and ask question, proceeds to perform activities, and then goes for a lunch break.
    • If something prevents the Caterer from cooking a meal (for example, the appliances end up breaking), the Sim can complete the fourth goal by eating from the snack machine. This won’t unlock Social goals, but it will allow the player to still reach gold rank in the case of emergency by continuing to complete Activity goals.
    • The first day of school still acts like a tutorial stage, same as always.
  • Physical Education has been renamed to Health and Fitness, to avoid the misconception that it functions like an actual PE class.
  • There is a new set of computer interactions under a “Study Skill Online” pie menu. These interactions are available not only for Activity goals at school, but can optionally be used by home and even by adult Sims. Child Sims who study adult skills (and haven’t unlocked said skills) will build the closest equivalent Child skill.
  • Aside from the above changes, the experience is overall smoother and better resembles the experience you get from official content.

Unfortunately, there are some features that may not be included right away:

  • I’m struggling to decide how to implement field trips. I’ve made so many improvements to the regular school day, that triggering a field trip actually feels like a downgrade. I have plans to make other career mods in the future, so I’m thinking of holding off field trips until there are lot types that are adapted for them, that way they’ll feel more immersive. The guest speaker events are still intact, however.
  • The Education career will likely be a normal, non-active career the first time around. It can take a long time to make an active career, especially as I have big plans for future active careers, so I think it will be better to start on a fresh mind. The NPCs that show up when attending (or visiting) school will still be drawn the career, whether it’s active or not.
  • As there’s now a prom mod, it’s no longer necessary to create a prom event from Go to School. There’s nothing massive I had planned that the mod doesn’t contain.

The new version of Go to School is still in development, so feel free to leave your suggestions.

I haven’t decided on an exact release date yet, but although the mod could be playable by the end of the month, I feel it would be best to wait until some time after City Living is released, when there’s less hype for official content. It also means you’ll have something to look forward to for when the initial City Living hype is gone.

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Zerbu Tabek

I have an interest in computers and technology, and have been learning programming since I was as young as 12. Years down the line, I learned other coding and programming languages, both used online and offline. Now, I have combined my programming ability with my love of The Sims to become a modder.


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  • Will the podium and chalkboard be included in the mod?
    If yes, could you use the podium that comes with City Living instead?
    I’d like to try the mod, but don’t like cc objects in my game.

  • OH MY GOD! This looks amazing! It would be nice to have two to three different class a day with a recess and a lunch time break. Also it might have kids and teens (or just teens) to choose whether join after-school activities or not(?) Besides, could we have two to three different school to choose for teens (Like one focusing on art and sports and one focusing on Maths ) ?

  • Could it be possible to use the uniform system from Dine Out for our students?

    Also, can’t wait for the Education career!!

    Keep it up!!

  • Hey love your mod but for some reason. Whenever I try to go to school with my sim it just sends me back to the world select screen. Maybe I’m not doing something right

  • ummmm this doesnt work for me am i doing something wrong can u guys help every time my sim gose to work it acts like i dont have the pack i need help

  • It’s an amazing mod and works so nicely! I have one problem though, some of the requests such as study skills online or ask the counselor for counseling isn’t available. Would anyone know why?

    • STILL trying to figure this out….says I need to study a skill online for 2 hours to level up in the Educator Career Path but it’s not on any computer…

      • I have the same problem. Im with my child at elementary school and it says study gardening online
        But theres no sub menu on any computer to do it.

      • Hi me again. I actually found it seconds after writing my comment. If you go into build mode when your at the school lot or home lot etc. Type in the search bar GO TO SCHOOL click on electronics and click the computer which is custom content (the blue spanner) place it like normal and you unlock all extra activities. Its working for me. Hope this helps. Find me on the gallery