The Sims 4 City Living: Festival Livestream Facts and more!


Sim Guru Grant and Sim Guru Romeo took us through the new Festivals feature in City Living along with a few other surprises! Here’s a quick overview of the features they covered:


Bulletin Board: Information about the festivals and leave notes to neighbours

– Includes name, time, location and activities with a button to teleport you to the festival. Also, has a picture of a section of the festival.

Colourfull floors: A wooden floor, mainly for basketball courts, with glossy bright colours. The swatches are green, black, beige, purple, white, orange, dark blue, red, brown, grey, light blue and cream.

Performance Base: Level 4 or higher, can busk for money.

No new woo-hoo spot

Sparklers: Can give to kids then play with sparklers together

Fireworks: Set off inside and it will start a fire. When set next to each other outside they will chain fire, so you only need to set one off for them all to go.

Snowglobes: Each has its own effect, so the freezer bunny has floating hearts inside and the dinosaur one has meteor showers inside. You can collect these around the world.

2 New tv channels: Political and cultural

Grungy Objects: Objects with dirt and grunge textured on

Video Game Machine: We have 4 games:
– Genies Curse (A throwback to World Adventures)
– Density Effect (A shoutout to Mass Effect)
– MySims Racing
– Party Frenzy

Sim Options

Hidden Traits: When you participate in certain things you get a hidden trait, for example at the spice festival you get Spice Hound when you participate in the spicy competition and complete it. The Spice Hound trait (From Mastering Spicy Food) Spice Hounds never find any food too Spicy, and feel Happy for hours after eating a Spicy Meal.

Food Fail: If you fail to eat spicy food your bladder will go to red and make your sim need the bathroom right away.

New Trait: City Native
1) Tourist:
-Introduce Self to Someone New in 3 Different City neighbourhoods
– Give an apartment key to a friend
– Order 3 times from Food Stalls
2) Inhabitant:
– Achieve Level 3 in the Singing Skill
-Light Fireworks at the Humour and Hijinks Festival
-Use a Bubble Blower
3) City Expert
– Donate to a Protestor
-Kiss someone at the Romance Festival
– Complete a Mural at the Arts Center
4) City Native
– Master the Singing Skill
– Win a Contest at GeekCon
– Live in an Apartment worth $100,000

New Death: Low-Quality Puffer Fish
– This also brings a new ghost type
– Can also be served in Dine Out, so you can make a restaurant of death if you wanted

Haggling: If you want a lower price at stalls, charisma skill will help

Recipies: Once a sim has eaten the full plate they themselves can make the food at home

Chop Stick Skills: Works like the diving, it’s not a skill in the panel it just improves over time

Trash Panda: A creepy person who walks around in a racoon suit rummaging through bins


  • Over the period of about an hour in the game, objects will start spawning in. Once complete you can just come and join in, with no loading screens when transitioning from apartments to the street.
  • Each has a unique ‘swag stall’, for example, the spice festival has spices for purchase that you can add to foods.
  • Also a unique snowglobe, fireworks as well as bubble bottles for kids available for purchase at the swag stalls
  • Unique clothes.
  • Each festival will have a general / vague schedule and have a specific day. It’s different each game, though. Normally 2-3 per week. They last 6-8 hours each.
  • Take pictures with Cosplayers at GeekCon
  • A contest object will have a glow around them when the competition is active at a festival

Missed the LiveStream? Catch up with it over on The Sims 4 Twitch Page

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