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The Sims 4: October 27th 2016 Update Overview

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Today’s The Sims 4 Update brought more than what was written in the Patch Notes! From Lot Traits to UI improvements and more, here’s what’s really new in this update:

Lot Traits

Lot Traits can be customized for each Residental Lot or Venue. In the Base Game, there are only 8 Lot Traits that you can choose, with most of them being Skill Boosters. You can find and customize Lot Traits by clicking the little home icon on the upper left corner.


Build Mode Copy Feature

This feature lets you copy an entire room, roof or a staircase! Simply select one of these and click the copy icon.

World UI Descriptions

Not only can you now edit the name of your household and their description straight from the world user interface, but you can now do all of that for lots too!

Career UI Improvement

Some minor cosmetic changes have been made in the Career / School tab!


Cheats History

You can now go through the cheats you’ve already used by pressing the up and down keys on your keyboard in the cheats console!


New Red Skintone


New Classical Music


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