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The Sims 4: Triple Boost Week to return soon!

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Back in August when the first Triple Boost Week was held, Zerbu was able to uncover more details about this event in the game’s code:

Events have a new “XP” system. Sims can earn XP and trigger a “Triple Boost Week” which will increase the rate a Sim builds job performance, boosts skills, builds friendships, gains aspiration points, or decreases the rate at which their Needs decay. Sims can only have one reward at a time.

The first Triple Boost Week was all about job performance and boost skills, but we haven’t been able to see our relationships, aspiration points and need decay be affected with this event. However, a new image has surfaced with the latest The Sims 4 Update, showing elements of a Triple Boost Week, along with a new text string:

Triple Boost Week: All About Satisfaction

This week only, help your Sims earn rewards faster and give them more time for fun! Just find your good friend Jasmine Holiday. She’ll give your Sim a triple satisfaction boost and slow down your Sims’ physical needs. Less trips to the bathroom, less time sleeping, and less eating means more time to earn points and have fun!

Boost Satisfaction, Delay Needs!



According to Zerbu, the Needs decay buff has been updated to change the decay speed from 0.5 – the original, to 0.3!

This image was also seen on SimGuruSteve’s desktop which was posted a week ago!

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