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The Sims 4 City Living: New Lot Traits

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The Sims 4 City Living adds 18 new Lot Traits that you can use on both apartments and regular lots + 7 locked Lot Traits that are assigned to certain apartments in San Myshuno.

Down below you’ll see a list of all the new Lot Traits and what they do:

clicon-19Chef’s Kitchen – Food prepared in this kitchen just seems to taste better and usually comes out better quality.

clicon-41Quake Zone – Occasionally there’s a minor tremor here. Probably nothing to worry about…

booksGood Schools – The local school is great! Kids seem to get high grades and usually do better at homework.

tongueMean Vibe – The Mean Vibe makes it easier to get other Sims angry with Mean or Mischief interactions.

clicon-44Home Studio – The artsy vibe makes this a great place to be creative. Painting, Writing, and Woodworking usually comes out better quality.

sunSunny Aspect – The beautiful scenery really make this place uplifting. When the sun goes down, Sims may get Energized, Happy, or Inspired.

voodoodollCursed – Lots of things seem to go wrong in this Apartment.

garbagebagsGrody – Sims have a chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking or using the bathroom.

clicon-22Gremlins – Stuff breaks here a lot. It’s like there are tiny goblins who come out at night and smash things…but that’s ridiculous, right?

clicon-50Penny Pixies – Sims often find loose change around the place. It’s like there’s a secret money fairy or something.

balloons2Party Place – Parties just seem to go well at this place! Meeting Social Event goals becomes much easier.

hikingboot2Filthy – From clogged sewers to grimy counters, this place seems to get dirty really quickly.

ghostHaunted – Locals say this place is haunted. Pah! What do they know?

heartRomantic Aura – Romantic Aura makes it easier to get other people in the mood for LURVE!

sproutsoilGreat Soil – Gardening just seems to go really well here.

toyblocksChild’s Play – Kids just seem to learn faster here.

clicon-47Gnomes – Broken things just seem to get mended overnight. It’s as if kindly Gnomes watch over the place…

clicon-67On Ley Line – Full of funky fertile earth energy, twins are born here more often than not.

partyhatLively Neighbors (Locked) – The neighbords live life to the max. There’s often a party going on.

clicon-59Needs TLC (Locked) – A great place to practice your Handiness skills!

clicon-12Historical (Locked) – The Landlord has one rule – the Inspirational plaque dedicated to a famous historical resident can never be removed or sold.

clicon-7Quiet (Locked) – Maybe it’s the insulation or maybe the neighbors are very polite. Either way, it’s never noisy here.

dusterServiced Apartment (Locked) – The rent for this apartment includes maid service.

windowGreat View (Locked) – The beautiful views are sure to lift anyone’s spirits.

clicon-20Romantic Fireplace (Locked) – A flirty vibe radiates from the beautiful fireplace in this apartment. The Landlord won’t allow this fireplace to be removed or sold.

Some of the descriptions provided by The Sims Team don’t really tell or explain what a certain Lot Trait can do. Therefore, we explained some of the most interesting Lot Traits down below!

Quake Zone

Earthquakes will happen every so often on your lot, causing the game camera to shake along with some sound effects. Sims will react negatively to it, getting a +2 Tense moodlet.


Try not to fix broken things or expose your Sim to death too much. This trait makes it more easy for your Sim to die of a certain death.



Eating, drinking or using bathroom objects on a grody lot will make your Sim uncomfortable – sometimes very uncomfortable!



Sometimes gremlins will break every breakable objects on your lot after midnight!


Penny Pixies

Using everyday objects can result in your Sim finding some simoleons. Keep changing seats, opening your fridge and simply using objects more frequently for better chances at finding simoleons.


Random ghosts will invite themselves over to your lot. They usually appear at midnight and disappear after a few hours.



If you leave broken stuff around the lot, there’s a chance that gnomes will fix them during the night!

Lively Neighbors (Locked Trait)

Think you’ve seen it all? Apartments with the lively neighbors trait create all sorts of noises and situations. You either learn to go with the flow or stress about it every now and then!

Needs TLC (Locked Trait)

These apartments are dirty and broken with a purpose of staying that way. The water pipes and utility boxes often break, leaving a mess in your bathroom and your apartment without electricity. Also, watch out for mice!


These apartments come with a certain objects that mean a lot to the landlord or to the city council. These objects cannot be removed!


Romantic Fireplace

When lit, this fireplace lights up in pink color triggering the flirty emotional state to any Sim nearby. This fireplace cannot be moved, sold or bought in build mode.


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