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City Living lets you run your own yard sale!

You read that correctly! With The Sims 4 City Living, you can start a yard sale on any residental lot in any world!

To start your yard sale you’ll need at least one table where you’ll place your objects. The only table that lets you start a yard sale is the Come and Get it Street Store table that came with The Sims 4 City Living.


Now it’s time to select the objects you’re about to sell! You can only sell objects that can fit in your inventory as you’ll have to drag those objects from your inventory to the table. Want to get rid of your old books and make a profit? Click on the table, select View Inventory and drag all the books you want to sell. This is just an example as you can place any inventory object onto any street store table.


Now that you’ve placed objects in the table’s inventory, it’s time to stock the table. Click on the table and select the Stock Table interaction. All the items you’ve added in the table’s inventory will be placed on the table.


You can manipulate the prices of the items you’re selling, giving your Sims a bigger profit than what they’ve originally spent. Click the table and select¬†Mark Up Prices…


You’re finally ready to start your own yard sale! If you have more than 1 table you’ll need more than one Sim as a Sim can only tend one table. If you have two Sims and two tables, make each Sim use the Tend Table interaction. Then, click on only one table and select Start Yard Sale.


Various Sims will now come to your lot and buy items from tables that are being tended.

You can also sell paintings during yard sales by buying The Street Gallery object and stocking it with paintings.


Each yard sale lasts for 3 hours. You’ll know how much time you have left by the yard sale interface on the top left corner:


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  • Check your facts, “This is just an example as you can place any inventory object onto any street store table.” as the city posters will not stock to the ‘Come and Get it Store’ table. An item specifically made for this expansion can not be used with another item specifically made for this expansion! Though this may be a bug or glitch for now there are so MANY bugs with this EP that extended game play becomes very difficult and virtually impossible when playing for multiple generations. Along with key-holder social event bugs, babies spawning inside elevators or off lot, extreme relationship decay bugs, and so many more this EP is absolutely NOT worth the $$ till very simple things are fixed.

    • Check you facts? If it’s a bug, then why in the world would SimsCommunity expect something not to work? They can’t predict things like that. Also, the relationship decay is not a bug. For whatever stupid reason, The Sims Team thought it would be really helpful to add this thing called “culling” to the game. It intentionally resets relationships so the game can run faster.

      • I apologize if I have offended you, as I assumed this was posted after the release of the EP. And, with that in mind, if the store is used with city objects you’ll soon discover that it doesn’t work as described.

        The relationship decay IS a bug, since I was talking about what happens in CL when you have multiple sims in the same apartment/household and their relationship goes from green to red overnight. That is certainly a bug!

        If you’re curious here are all the bugs listed on EA:

        • I’m not offended simply confused, but thanks for the apology anyway. Also, thanks for clarifying the issues you were talking about. I was not aware of this relationship bug. It sounds horrendous. Even so, the point of this article to highlight a feature of the expansion pack. The point of that link you posted is to report a bug with this feature. Sites like SimsCommunity and SimsVIP occassionally post about bugs, but it’s not their main focus. Hence why I was baffled by your statement of “check your facts.” The facts have been stated and players can report any conflicts with these facts to Crinct. I hope they’re fixed soon.