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City Livings Tutorial: Apartments – Last steps before saving/uploading to gallery


Written by SC Social member Shinzhia!

After making a well-decorated apartment, you might be one of those few who wanted to upload them as 1 full apartment room but can’t preserve the full build because of wall restrictions. I found a way to break that restriction and fix them accordingly so you are able to upload them as 1 room. The only draw back of this is probably a privacy issues inside that particular apartment in-game.

So if you still want to upload a full apartment without a missing door or wall, here’s the trick…

STEP 1: Find a corner of a particular room you want to be included when you upload to the gallery.


STEP 2: Using the sledgehammer, delete a corner wall of that room. It has to be the corner, not center wall.


STEP 3: Make sure that walls of that room are now detached from one another and that the room is broken. If you have a well-decorated room, you must find a way by deleting the decor and then just put it back after the process.



STEP 4: Select the broken wall and then drag them to fill in the empty corner you deleted.


STEP 5: Done! Make sure that when you select the apartment room the grid color selected the whole apartment. Now you can upload it as 1 full apartment.


Other tips:

1. For multi-story apartments, be sure that you put “Flat Square” flooring first before making 2nd and 3rd floor rooms so that when you upload them the rooms below and above are determined. When you have a see-through 2nd Floor of the 1st floor you don’t have to worry about that excluded room that is see-through. As long as you have a “flat square” first the people downloading them can easily put them down on their apartments. The see-through part will be a black/empty room without “flat square” flooring.

2. You cannot upload a 2 to 3 storey apartment unless it is penthouse, so be sure to name them properly per floor.

3. I would like to suggest that if you upload a full apartment, name them per apartment address so people downloading your build will know where to place them.

The photos above are screenies of my 930 Medina Studios complete with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms after several trial and error uploads. You can download them in my gallery as a replacement. Download the newest one.

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