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The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour: Description, Tips and Icons

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Inside updated The Sims 4 Game Files we found the official description for The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, as well as some game tips and icons. Check them out!


Stunning Vintage Fashion: Outfit your Sims in old-Hollywood inspired fashion that’s as elegant as it is timeless. Accessorize with sparkling diamond jewelry and choose lust-worthy hairstyles that’ll have your Sim making a grand entrance wherever they go.

Dazzling Décor: Adorn your Sim’s home with luxurious art deco furnishings that feature mirrored surfaces and gold accents. Enjoy a night in by relaxing in front of the marble fireplace with a drink served from the handcrafted globe bar.

All-new Vanity Table: Quickly apply makeup that’ll last the evening or give your Sims a new look head to toe. Sims can use the vanity mirror to primp themselves before a night out or practice their flirty advances.

Hire a Personal Butler: Ring the bell to summon your Sim’s own live-in butler who can cook meals, tidy the home, greet guests, and fulfill most every request. Praise the butler to receive quicker service that’ll keep your Sims living luxuriously.

Game Tips

  • Drink platters created via the Globe Bar are an upscale way to whet your guest’s appetite at any social gathering.
  • Use the Vanity Table to apply a temporary makeup makeover for a hot date, or any other special occasion.
  • Get to know your butler. Their traits play a role in how effective they are at providing white-glove service.
  • Consider dismissing other recurring services after hiring a live-in butler. Butlers are trained to attend to many of your household’s needs.
  • Praise your butler if you feel they’ve provided 5 star service. Your appreciation will lift their mood for a spell, allowing them to work even faster.



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