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The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour: Butlers 101


The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack introduces a new butler NPC that you can hire using your phone. To hire a butler, click on your phone > Career / Household > Hire a Service and select the butler option.


A random butler will immediately be assigned to your household. They’re basically residents of your house, except they won’t count as an actual household member nor will you have the power to control them.

Butlers only have 3 needs that need to be satisfied: Energy, Hunger and Fun.

When it comes to energy, you can satisfy it in a humane way by assigning a bed specifically for butlers.


Butlers will take care of themselves when it comes to hunger. When they make a meal to eat they usually tend to serve a meal for the entire household. This is great considering that no Simoleons will be taken from your household funds.


The Fun need is usually taken care of by the butler when your Sims are either away for work or asleep. That’s when they’re prone to using the computer, drink from the bar or enjoy in other fun activities. They might become embarrassed if your Sim walks in the room where they’re perfoming activities that are satisfying their fun need.


A butler comes with several interactions:

  • Assign Task…
    • Cook Family Meal (§40)
    • Cook Meal (§20)
    • Cook Party Meal (§60)
    • Play Guitar
    • Play Piano
    • Play Violin
    • Prepare Bar Drink (§8)
    • Water Plants
    • Burn Up the Dance Floor (Get Together)
    • Use DJ Booth (Get Together)
  • Management…
    • Praise
    • Reprimand
    • Fire
  • Responsibilities…
    • Stop Attending to Minors
    • Stop Cleaning
    • Stop Repairing Objects
    • Stop Gardening
  • Visitors….
    • Invite All Visitors Inside
    • Dismiss All Visitors
    • Ignore Front Door


Here are some of the facts that you should know about butlers:

  • Your Sim doesn’t have to be near the butler to assign them a task. Even if your Sim is on the other side of the lot away from the butler that Sim will just ring their bell after you’ve selected a certain task!
  • Each butler you hire will come with a different set of traits. If, for example, you have a kleptomaniac butler there is a chance that he/she will steal objects from your lot without your notice. You can always fire a butler and hire a new one.
  • You can get rid of a butler in a polite way by selecting your phone > Career / Household > Dismiss Butler Service. Instead of the Fire interaction which after hiring will bring a new butler, the dismiss interaction will bring back the butler you had before after hiring.
  • If you want to sculpt a perfect butler you can do so by using testingcheats true + cas.fulleditmode cheats. Shift + click on the butler and select Modify in CAS to edit your butler.
  • You can socialize with your butler, have woohoo or even marry them and move them into your home. Please note that you’ll need to fire your butler in order to do so.
  • You can dedicate a special room for your butler by using a door lock that will only allow your butler to enter. Click on a door of a certain room and select Lock Door For… > Everyone But Butler.
  • Butlers who die will be replaced by a new butler!

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