The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack: New Animation, Assets and more!

Sims4Studio member max20 was able to uncover new assets from the upcoming The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack!

As you can see down below, he found, what appears to be, a new walk style called ”Old and Creepy”, a new red eye color and some new icons. Check it out!

It’s only a matter of time until The Sims Team announces this Game Pack. Stay tuned by following our Game Pack 4 category and by participating in the Game Pack 4 Discussions!



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      • which is weird, cause they were investigating where the leak came from and all, and that’s not something normal for just a “misspelling”, and we now for the code that the Vampires Pack might have a new world.

        • I think it really was a honest misspelling cause from what was pointed out on the Sims form the games listed was holiday gift codes if you was chosen to do it and plus Sims community didn’t even post about it nobody really did

        • The question is will “The Drake” punish the community yet again for the leaks after the City Living behind the scenes controversy where Drake decided to close the ask a guru discussion after it’s very brief re-introduction and if so how will she do it this time. How will the community be divided? By four? By the square root of a number that’s higher then a stuff pack release number (cough 9 already cough)? Stay tuned to the six o’clock news with the headlines “Sims community has been Draked”.

        • The “leak” was from a generic (not sims-exclusive) EA email survey. I took it like two weeks ago. It asked about *existing* games. At the end of the survey, the drawing for a prize for completing it listed current games, and the Sims option was “secret garden”, which was clearly referring to “romantic garden” — as again, the list consisted of existing games..

          The new occult content leak is obviously valid, and I think it’s safe to say we can expect either a supernatural-type game pack or the addition of vampires in an otherwise unrelated theme (a la Late Night)… but it’s not “Secret Garden”.

    • Probably because it’s a vampire specific game pack & not an all in one supernatural game pack. I doubt they’d give us every supernatural in one game pack unfortunately. Also, from what I’ve noticed, vampires seem to be one of the most popular life states from both the games. That doesn’t exactly mean they’re your favourite supernatural but I feel like the team just want to get the most wanted thing out first. :)

  • the reason is up there. Not everyone loves with vampires. So they make it gamepack :) and i bet fairies and others will come as gamepack

    • Really. You really think they make all supernaturals in seperate pack’s because not everyone like the one or the other. Are you serious haha. No they make it seperate because they will big profit on it. Supernatural ep was $40. Now we going to have vamps $20, fairies $20, zombies $20, werewolves $20, genies $20. Maybe they will create plantsims also in a gamepack because not everyone likes them… $20.

      Imagine they will make season packs. Like summer $20 and winter $20 maybe fall $20 and spring $20 because why not some. Dont like summer and others dont like winter. Please dont be ignorant and dont swallow that bullsh.. That they create seperate packs so you can choose. Most simmers love mostly all things to enrich their game.

      • Whoopsie. Im only mentioning about supernatural things. If vampire gamepack has a good marketing and selling, they probably make other life state as a gamepack. Everything could be change sweetheart ;)

  • if his is true… lets just hope we get REAL VAMPIRES… and not some stupid costumes to dress your Sims up like Vampires… and if thats the fact; then why didn’t they give us a free up date at Halloween, Vampire costumes! … sorry but if your giving us “costumes” you can keep it!!!!! i want real Vampire Sims!!!!!!!! not dress up ones!!!!

    • Real vampires would be nice. The walking animation up above seems very similar to zombies. All they need to do is add a limp to the walk and BOOM zombie. #JustSaying I really hope they don’t do something weird and unnecessary to vampires and ruin them.

  • That sim up above doesn’t make me think of a vampire. The upper half of that sim makes me think of zombies. I hope that’s just a walking style option and not a forced upon walk for vamp sims. If we are force to use that style for vamps then I probably wont buy the pack.

    I know it’s stupid to not buy something based on one little think, but I don’t care. I have principles! And standards! And as a lover of all things supernatural I want normal garden variety vampires. Not zombie-esk vampires!

    • I know vampires shouldn’t walk like that, that walk is even worse then the werewolf walk in Sims 3. Maybe they’ll walk like that when they’re hunting/stalking for prey otherwise they walk normally.

  • 5 lots on new world…. and some bar…. I think ghosts and aliens are enough for me, but whatever people find as entertainment here I wish them happy simming