The Sims 4: Vampires Coming Soon / Game Pack 4 Speculation

UPDATE #9: giannisK13 found a new death type – death by sunlight!


UPDATE #8: @DerShayan found Vampire poses in Sims 4 Studio!

cy0vc_nxaaadpexUPDATE #7: Another round of tidbits!

  • If you didn’t already assume so anyway, Vampires may have their own teeth, different from other Sims.
  • There is CAS camera tuning for triangle earrings.
  • Vampires may have a 50% chance of having normal human skin, assuming that the “0.5” defined in the “CASOccultSkintoneTuning_Human” tuning is a percentage.
    • It could actually be a weighted system, in which case there’s still a chance Vampires will have human skin, but it’s not 50%.
  • There is tuning for a new “Gravestone” object. This could mean that Vampires have their own Gravestones.
  • There is “object_state” tuning for a “bat” stuffed animal.
  • Vampires may not spawn on lots or for events during the day, unless they have the perk that allows them to walk in the sun.

It looks like all the interesting stuff has been discovered, so this will likely be the last update.

UPDATE #6: Some new tidbits have been discovered.

  • There may be a perk that allows Vampires to safely walk in the sun. Furthermore, this perk may be inheritable through genetics.
  • The “STREET_TO_LOTTUNING_MAP” tunable in “world.lot_tuning” only references one area, which could mean the new world has only one area, similar to Magnolia Promenade. However, remember that this is just incomplete code hidden in the patch, and may not be what we actually get in the end.
    • Please also remember that this is a Game Pack, so it’s most likely we will get a world around Granite Falls’ size.
  • The tuning resource “bucks.sim_info_bucks_tracker” suggests powers are divided into categories, and there are 5 categories of primary powers with 5 powers each, leading a total of 25 primary powers. As for secondary powers, there is 1 category with 3 powers, and 4 with 2 powers, leading a total of 11 secondary powers.
    • As with world size, this may not be what we end up getting, although it sounds like plenty.
    • Some powers could be elevated versions of others, considering we’ve had perks like those in every perk system we’ve had so far.

UPDATE #5: The “world.region” tuning resource suggests the Game Pack will come with a new world. There is a reference to a “RegionDescription” (technical term for binary files associated with worlds in The Sims 4) and “Region” (technical term associated with world tuning files) that wasn’t there previously.

<T n=”RegionDescription”>146196</T>
<T n=”Region”>152175</T>

UPDATE #4: The “sims.occult.occult_tracker” Python script file revealed more information about what each tunable is for.

  • There may be a system for ranking up based on experience. This appear not to be a skill, but a new type of statistic that hasn’t been used yet.
  • There may be an “Occult Powers Panel” which can be used to purchase both “primary” and “secondary” powers using the perk points that were mentioned in Update #3.
  • Perk slots are referred to as “power cells” in the code, which gives an idea of what the UI may look like.
    • This applies to both primary and secondary perks, suggesting they’re both related to powers of some kind.
  • The Occult Powers Panel may be opened from the Needs Panel.
  • Having a Vampire and non-Vampire have a baby may create a Sim who is Part Vampire, similar to how there are Part Aliens.

UPDATE #3: New information has been discovered in the “sims.occult.occult_tracker” tuning resource!

  • Vampires may have “alternative forms” that work in a similar way to alien disguises.
  • Vampires may be able to gain experience of some kind. This may work like a hidden skill.
  • UI information may not appear for Vampires until they reach the Teen life stage. It may work similar to The Sims 3, where being a Vampire doesn’t take full effect until then.
  • There may be a “perks” system, similar to the Retail, Club and Restaurant Perks from various other packs. As a matter of fact, the code suggests there may actually be two simultaneous perk
  • systems.
  • Vampires may have a “talent” of some kind. This could just be a technical way of referring to basic aspects of vampirism, such as sucking plasma.


<E n=”key”>TEST_OCCULT</E>
<U n=”value”>
<T n=”add_current_occult_trait_to_babies”>False</T>
<L n=”additional_occult_traits”>
<T n=”cas_add_occult_tooltip”>0xD45A6BFA</T>
<T n=”cas_alternative_form_add_tooltip”>0x43948CF3</T>
<T n=”cas_alternative_form_copy_options_heading”>0xA8766AA4</T>
<T n=”cas_alternative_form_copy_tooltip”>0x8A3BB7ED</T>
<T n=”cas_alternative_form_delete_confirmation”>0xBB1F5FFD</T>
<T n=”cas_alternative_form_delete_tooltip”>0xD8350272</T>
<T n=”cas_alternative_form_sim_name_tooltip”>0x63DBBAEE</T>
<T n=”cas_disabled_while_in_alternative_form_tooltip”>0x3253AEFD</T>
<T n=”current_occult_trait”>149528</T>
<T n=”disabled_confirm_tooltip”>0xA5D594E7</T>
<T n=”experience_statistic”>150071</T>
<T n=”generate_new_human_form_on_add”>False</T>
<E n=”min_age_for_occult_ui”>TEEN</E>
<T n=”occult_trait”>149527</T>
<T n=”primary_buck_text”>0xD9568944</T>
<E n=”primary_buck_type”>TEST1Bucks</E>
<T n=”primary_power_remove_tooltip”>0x591A9E30</T>
<T n=”secondary_buck_text”>0x6E63B809</T>
<E n=”secondary_buck_type”>TEST2Bucks</E>
<T n=”secondary_power_remove_tooltip”>0xC88CAE1</T>
<T n=”talent_subtitle”>0xBA429D23</T>
<T n=”talent_title”>0x19A1B313</T>

UPDATE #2: More Vampire-related icons have been found!



UPDATE: It seems that this is all related to an upcoming GAME PACK! The Sims Team added placeholder box arts for Game Packs, meaning that GP04 is very near…



Back in September, it was teased that we would be getting “Scary New Packs” soon. Some new information has surfaced inside the code with the new patch, released today.

The “tag” XML contains some new tags that were not there previously:

<T ev=”1654″>Occult_RESERVED_00</T>
<T ev=”1655″>Buff_RESERVED_27</T>
<T ev=”1656″>Situation_RESERVED_28</T>
<T ev=”1657″>Style_RESERVED_19</T>
<T ev=”1658″>Style_RESERVED_17</T>
<T ev=”1659″>Style_RESERVED_18</T>
<T ev=”1660″>Style_RESERVED_21</T>
<T ev=”1661″>Style_RESERVED_20</T>
<T ev=”40961″>Func_RESERVED_16</T>
<T ev=”40962″>Func_RESERVED_29</T>
<T ev=”40963″>Func_RESERVED_36</T>
<T ev=”40964″>Style_RESERVED_23</T>
<T ev=”40966″>Style_RESERVED_22</T>
<T ev=”40967″>Style_RESERVED_25</T>
<T ev=”40968″>Style_RESERVED_24</T>
<T ev=”40969″>Skill_RESERVED_30</T>
<T ev=”40970″>Func_RESERVED_31</T>
<T ev=”40971″>Func_RESERVED_32</T>
<T ev=”40972″>Func_RESERVED_33</T>
<T ev=”40973″>Func_RESERVED_34</T>
<T ev=”40974″>Func_RESERVED_12</T>
<T ev=”40975″>Func_RESERVED_13</T>
<T ev=”40976″>Func_RESERVED_14</T>
<T ev=”40977″>Func_RESERVED_15</T>
<T ev=”40978″>Tooltip_RESERVED_35</T>
<T ev=”40979″>Func_RESERVED_11</T>
<T ev=”40980″>EyeColor_RESERVED_02</T>
<T ev=”40981″>EyeColor_RESERVED_04</T>
<T ev=”40982″>EyeColor_RESERVED_05</T>
<T ev=”40983″>EyeColor_RESERVED_06</T>
<T ev=”40984″>EyeColor_RESERVED_08</T>
<T ev=”40985″>EyeColor_RESERVED_07</T>
<T ev=”40986″>EyeColor_RESERVED_09</T>
<T ev=”40987″>EyeColor_RESERVED_10</T>
<T ev=”40988″>EyeColor_RESERVED_03</T>
<T ev=”40989″>Buff_RESERVED_01</T>

It’s impossible to tell exactly what these “reserved” tags are referring to, but at least one of them mentions a new occult, and it would make complete sense to introduce new eye colors along with it. Anything else is a matter of speculation. Although a few of the tags have low IDs, they weren’t in the list before the patch. It could be that they were created a long time ago, but weren’t activated until now.

Note: “Style_” tags refer to additional filter tags in CAS, such as Rocket, Preppy, etc.

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  • I hope they add more than just one occult type. Like they should add werewolves because I prefer werewolves to vampires. #JustSaying

    • I’m pretty sure that the reports of the icons before were said to be upcoming, not included. That’s why most people thought City Living is coming with vampires (Like Late Night)

  • I feel like this is the route the gurus are going to go with when it comes to lifestates since they’re no longer being brought back into EPs. It’s actually a pretty good idea. You get to pick and choose what lifestate (if they do come with their own GP) and like the other GPs the lifestate won’t be half baked and be fully developed thoroughly.

    • You can tell that this system is built with robots in mind, it’s just a tad too convenient that Sims 4 has had recent references to advanced robotics (the speaker from Backyard Stuff comes to mind). If anything, we’ve reached the start of life states coming out with associated perks, skills, and maybe even aspirations (Turn the Town for Vampires, Robotic Uprising for Robots, Oh Goody I Found a Bone for Werewolves ETC).

      • Um, No, this has Vampire stuff all through it. And there’s zero Refferences to robots, like, at all. Coding is coding lmao

      • You commented something similar on SimsVIP and I just have to ask, what do you mean “this system is built with robots in mind.” I don’t get it, I’m not saying you’re wrong I just don’t exactly get where robots come into any of this. All I see is icons that relate to vampires (or dare I say, possibly zombies?) and a bunch of code. I’d love to know how you think robots might work in TS4!

        • It means that the system is built around upgrading your Sims, not that the icons are icons of robots themselves. Into the Future brought us the ability to upgrade our robots to have emotions and other lifelike abilities. The perk system is going for that.

        • I have seen an Icon that depics a zombie, but I dont see anything Robot-Related.
          Maybe, there will be a Simbot or Plumbot return, but I have not seen Hints towards it.

    • Yess, it will get more focus and more specific with lifestates and not distracted with other non-related gameplay (if they come with EP).

      • I think simguru said that they don’t want to put supernatural lifetates that aren’t related to the EP because it doesn’t make sense and focus more on the theme of the EP itself (exclude aliens, they’re not supernatural). I can’t remember who, but I remember someone said that.

        • The lifestate in every EP was not meant to become a tradition and with TS4 they are going in a different direction. So this means anything can happen. We got Aliens in Get To Work and now we’re getting Vampires in a Game Pack that seems to be geared towards them.

          • yeah and apparently they feel the same about the aliens itself. They said that alien doesn’t suit with get to work theme. So now EP in TS4 not like in TS3 where all EPs get their own lifestates. They will consider and more picky adding lifestates in EPs, so if it’s not fit with the theme they will not add lifestates which is a good thing because it will be more specific with lifestates and not distracted with other non-related gameplay.

          • I’m hoping we get Werewolves in a Pets expansion pack then, I kind of liked the Werewolves better in TS2 when they came with Pets.

    • A pretty good idea? A PRETTY GOOD IDEA?! Are you serious???? Do you understand you’re paying more money for less content when you buy EPs now? In TS2 Nightlife and TS3 Late Night you got vampires along with a city to live in, nightclubs, butlers (in the case of Late Night) or restaurants (in the case of Nightlife), etc, etc, etc, etc (I could keep going for ages) all for $40 (or $30). Now you have to pay waaaaaaaay more than that to get that same amount of content. Do you even grasp the implecations of this?! If you accept it, you’re telling EA that it’s ok to pay more for less.

      • Okay one calm down before you get too excited because you are not going to shout at me. I can promise you that. Secondly, game packs are $20 so I’m not really paying for more of anything compared to what we’ve been given in the past. Also you don’t know what kind of content is included in this pack so how would you know We would be getting the same amount of content? Now by you’re logic are you implying that people who bought Dine Out another GP we got earlier this year were paying way more for something we’ve gotten in the past? We got restaurants in TS2 Night Life but couldn’t run or own them until OFB meaning simmers spent money on two EPs (think they were $40 back then). That means in order to get restaurants and being able to run them and actually dine at a restaurant you spent $80 on TS2, but you spent $20 for that in TS4. Basically 4x less than that. So in the case of vampires you would spend $20 instead of $40. Finally, I’m not saying that I’m okay with throwing money at EA to “pay more and get less”, but from what I’ve just explained we’re paying less to get roughly the same if not more content than what we’ve received in the past.

        • Wow. If you think paying $20 for one of the buggiest packs ever (Just watch TheSimSupply Dine Out Rags to Ritches series if you don’t believe) is a good deal… well, that’s really sad. Let’s not forget Dine Out is a huge step down from OFB restaurants, in which you could be the chef if you wanted + your hire staff actually worked as intended.
          And yes, you are paying waaaaay more because with Late Night for example you got hot tubs (Perfect Patio), butlers (Vintage…), apartments and a city world (City Living), nightclubs (Get Together), Vampires (the new GP) + celebrity system, functional elevators and more. So to get the same amount of content you got with Late Night, you need to pay now $20+20+10+10+40+40. Of course, you also get some MINOR additions and objects you didn’t get with Late Night, but overall you’re paying $140 for, let’s say $60 worth of content by previous games’ EP standards. Not a great deal if you ask me.
          But what the hell, of you like wasting your money be my guest. I, for one, don’t like it.

  • Nothing in the code states vampires nor do the pics resemble vampires this is a stretch I do believe we will get a new lifestate but this post is not sure

  • I’m good with this. A “Supernatural” Game pack is a good move to make, IMO, and I wasn’t really a fan of occult stuff in prior iterations of the game. I’ve been a bit salty over the dev cycle for TS4, but I have hope they’re swinging it around to really get on track now.

  • this is crazy, so many leaks. I love when the modder finding out this kind of things :D
    I really do hope that vampire get their own GP and that is actually a great idea, because if they came with EP it will have less gameplay since everybody said that the EP was kind of a half baked.

  • I think there might be bands as in music in this game pack becuse I remember something about bands being in city living but it wasn’t ready for the release of the exspansion pack and so then there might be a celebrity system because that should be easy to make and so then that means vampires might fit in either this game pack.(I am already excited)

  • Well, now we know for sure that vampires are on the way! I’m very excited, hopefully GP04 comes in January or at least quickly. :)

  • I didn’t play with vampires in TS2 or TS3 so I was hoping this would have more than just one lifestate in it. But it doesn’t really seem like it? BUT if that means that we’ll get several lifestate-based GPs, that’d be pretty cool, too.

  • Are you serious, what more do you need, it says “vampires” “death by sunlight” there are icons for garlic and blood and etc.!