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James’ Sims 2 Thoughts: The Sims 2 Seasons (2007)

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March 1st 2007 gave us something that simmers always wanted, and was supposed to be in the Base game of The Sims 2.  It was something that impacts real life activities everyday. It would only make sense that it should be apart of our Sims’ Lives

Seasons and Weather!

With weather and seasons, it opened up your sims to a huge amount of new interactions, as well as a brand new neighborhood, which is my personal favorite, Riverblossom Hills!

seaosn 1

seaosn 2

We also get introduced to a new “breed” of sim, or should I say a new life state, known as the PlantSim.  The only way to become a PlantSim is by spraying a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pesticides on your gardens. If you spray enough on your harvestables, you might have the chance to become one of these new, and rather very green, sims

season 4

season 6

Speaking of gardening, true gardening was added to the game in this expansion.  With gardening, you can grow many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, known in game as harvestables. You could sell them in game, or use some of the harvestables in the brand new juice maker, which also comes with the expansion.

season 5

This was always my favorite part of the game. I loved being able to make greenhouses and make huge gardens underneath them. Or have a sprawling garden that is exposed to the elements. Which brings me into what this expansion is all about!

The 4 seasons are now in the game. In each neighborhood, you have the option of changing the order of the seasons, or even have the same season all year long… how cool is that! I loved playing in this order:  “spring, summer, spring, summer”. That was always the way I would play, so my sims can have ample time to grow their gardens and never stop producing mouthwatering apples, lemons, strawberries and oranges, all of which can be used for juice. Also, they can be used for cooking, which gives the food your sim makes an extra kick of satisfaction

seaosn 3

Each season has different effects on your sims. If they are out too long in the cold and frigid winter air, they will get frostbite. If they get to hot, either while being out on the sun or exercising too much in the heat, they will pass out from heart stroke. Always check the weather on the TV or newspaper before doing any activities with your sims!

Personally, This is one of the best packs made for the Sims series. And, because I’m  biased towards The Sims 2, I think that seasons for 2 is better than seasons for 3. But, again thats just my opinion, take it or leave it.

Next time, Will be taking a trip around the world, with The Sims 2: Bon Voyage.

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