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The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview: Skills, Needs and Traits!

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Toddlers in The Sims 4 are already bringing the well-deserved hype to life, they are no longer the doll like sims in Sims 3 but now an exciting addition to the family.

The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview: Skills, Needs and Traits!


Of course being a toddler is the most important stage in Sims life where they learn new things and explore the world! So of course, your toddler will have some skills to learn!

Overall, like children, there are 4 main skill types:

  • Communication: “Talking is a huge step for any Toddler. Communication skill teaches Toddlers advanced socials. Improve it by talking with others, and studying advanced Flash Cards.” They can learn communication via Flash Cards (Taught by the parent or carer), Talking with Teddies or other Sims and using their Toddler Tablet watching Toddler Videos.
  • Imagination: “Toddlers with Imagination play with their own world. Imagination skill teaches Toddlers to read and create fantastical worlds with their toys. Gain Imagination skill by playing with Toys and Dolls, listening to music, or looking at Toddler Books.” They can learn Imagination by playing with doll houses, toys, using their Tablet playing Draw with Llama, watching the TV and reading with a parent or by themselves.
  • Movement: “Toddlers who focus on Movement really get around. Movement skill helps toddlers walk faster, run, climb stairs and dance, dance, dance. Improve it by walking around, building with Nesting Blocks, dancing, or via Play wrestling with adults.” They can learn this skill by walking around, playing with adults, dancing, playing with blocks, playing Blicblock Baby on their Toddler Tablet and climbing stairs.
  • Thinking: “Thinking Skill helps toddlers throw fewer tantrums and be more capable of taking care of themselves. It reduces defiance, and helps to solve needs. Thinking Skill is improved by being curious, or by playing with Flash Cards, Nesting Blocks, or the Tablet.” Toddlers enhance their thinking skill by using the Flashcards with a Sim, using ‘what’s this?’ on items, using the Blocks to make shapes and playing on the tablet game Play SimShape.

But also, there is an extra skill:

  • Potty: “Toilet training makes dirty diapers a thing of the past. Potty skill teaches toddlers to use the Potty Chair. Improve it by having an adult Train the toddler.

The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview: Skills, Needs and Traits!


Again, like any other sim, a Toddlers needs come first. Here’s a rundown of how to satisfy them and what can make them negative:

  • Bladder: Use the diaper by clicking on the toddler or potty train on the potty chair with an adult Sims help. Once the Toddler is to level 2 Potty Skill they can pee on their own.
  • Hunger: An Adult Sim can place the toddler in a high chair to feed them or give them a drink. They can also feed them on the floor. But be careful, toddlers like to throw their food on the floor a lot. If a toddler gets hungry, they will become angry and can throw a tantrum for their food.
  • Energy: Toddlers have their own type of bed, but can nap on the floor or sofas. If they get tired they will become angry and can throw a tantrum. You can also read your toddler to sleep and tuck them in.
  • Fun: Playing with toys, dancing, reading, watching TV, playing on the tablet and learning with an adult. Sometimes toddlers won’t want to learn and will become angry that they can’t understand what you’re trying to teach them.
  • Attention: Instead of social toddlers have attention, they need to have someone with them most of the time to feel happy and need a lot of stimuli to keep their attention need good. This can be done by interaction with the toddler, playing or just talking with them. It doesn’t have to be an adult either, other children and toddlers can satisfy this need.
  • Hygiene: Make sure any dirt diapers are changed or get to the potty in time. You can also bathe toddlers in a bath via an adult sim, this can be with bubbles too! Toddlers don’t like to be dirty and will ask for a bath if needed.

Your toddler will ask an adult, if they can’t satisfy their needs by themselves, for help.

The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview: Skills, Needs and Traits!


  • Wild: The wild trait makes toddlers more energetic and earns them the Movement skill faster. These toddlers like to dance, run about and go outside. When they get energetic they won’t listen to anything an adult has to say, they are just too hyper. They also like wrestling with adults.
  • Angelic: These toddlers are easier to deal with in game since they don’t throw tantrums when angry. They will talk to sims they haven’t met before so and if you’re looking for an easy time with your toddler this is the trait to go with.
  • Charmer: These toddlers love to talk and interact with other sims. They aren’t scared to talk to strangers and will ‘share the love’ with them, this means hugging them, it also makes them happy to talk to new people!
  • Clingy: These toddlers are the opposite and don’t like talking to people at all. They get very sad when having to talk to a stranger and get sad when a parent goes to work leaving them. But if they are in a bad mood, being comforted makes them happier faster.
  • Silly: a silly toddler will love telling chicken butt jokes and getting playful, they also earn the imagination skill faster. Playing with toys will make them playful much faster.
  • Fussy: These Toddlers don’t like anything and will try their hardest to make your life a living hell. They always want attention, throw fits and cry. But, them being noticed makes them a lot happier. So if you’re looking for a challenge, here it is!
  • Inquisitive: Curious toddlers like thinking about what these strange objects around them are, helping develop their thinking skill faster. They are happiest when learning and get sad when they don’t learn new things in a while. This is the kind of trait good for a Sim you hope to gain logic type skills with later in life.
  • Independent: These toddlers love to learn alone and don’t listen to adults much. They gain extra skill when left alone and require less attention from other Sims. More of a toddler who’s happy to be a loner and focus on themselves.

Social Interactions

Here’s a breakdown of the basic social interactions for a Toddler and Adult:


To age a Toddler up, all you need to do is bake a cake like any other sim and click ‘Help Blow Out Candles” Also, any skills your toddler learns will help in their childhood skills!

The Sims 4 Toddlers Update Overview: Skills, Needs and Traits!

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