The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Relationship Boost Week coming this Valentines!

Remember the finding we posted a few weeks ago regarding a new Triple Boost Week (Friends and Romance)?

Well, more information has been provided in the latest The Sims 4 game update. Considering that the image shown down below is named VALENTINES_DAY_BOOST_SCREEN, we assume that the boost week will go live around Valentine’s Day in February. Check out what this Boost Week will be about!

Triple Boost Week: Relationships

Find love 3x faster!

Love is in the air! Jasmine is back in town, and playing the role of Cupid. This week only, your Sims’ can get that first kiss, hot date, or even married three times faster than usual! Just ask Jasmine for a boost that will help you hit your relationship goals three times faster. Woohoo!

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