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The Sims 4: A Third Survery Has Surfaced (SPECULATION)

Please note that this post is pure speculation until proven otherwise.

UPDATE: Another Reddit user reports taking this survey. This user also had a University-themed Expansion Pack suggested called “On Campus”:

Reddit user Becccaboo has shared screenshots of another survey that has been sent out to some players. This makes it the third survey in the past week. Although some of the content is repeated we see new additions to the survey in the form of Witches and fairies.  Becccaboo took to the comments section to add some context to the post explaining that she receives emails from EA from time to time asking her to complete the surveys.

Check out the 2 other survey that surfaced with different pack suggestions:

To put some context to this, I do surveys online and this turned up in my most recent survey. I had to rate the attractiveness of each point in the pack and how likely I was to buy it and then give my opinion on what I thought on the pack as a whole.

The survey also asked a lot about brands that go with the Sims franchise so I don’t know why they wouldn’t do this.

They did feel like they were more ideas floating around as they asked all about brands and celebrities that you associate with The Sims franchise too.

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  • Witches and fairies should be in the same pack. Pets should include all animals. All the seasons should be in the same pack.

  • I honestly think splitting up supernaturals would be a good thing. I mean it’s an entire pack dedicated to one supernatural which means the entire budget and all the resources go to them. Take a look at the vampires. They’re phenomenal quite honestly the best we’ve ever had. There’s no doubt that with the time and research they’ve put into vampires that the fairies and witches will be anything less than amazing!

    • Imagine a faery pack with a world based on Ireland! Maybe even a secret lot accessible by entering faery rings or something.

      Witches are something that NEED to be separated for the correct amount of content, there’s so many witchy folktales out there that you can’t have one type of witch.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes, A thousand times Yes for On Campus. That’s one of the most important packs for me to get in this generation of the Sims. And I’ve never played boarding school so I’m excited for that! Maybe they’ll do one for the elementary/middle school kids!

  • These packs do sound interesting, I think that having the supernaturals in different packs might be better, considering how awesome the vampires were. I hope they all come with a new world :)

  • I’m a little concerned they might give us separate “weather” based worlds instead of an actual seasons expansion with weather, but I do thinks separate supernaturals would allow for more content.