New FreeSO Update adds new features and bug fixes!


FreeSO, a reimplementation of The Sims Online, has released a brand new update which adds new features and bug fixes.

To download the latest update, simply open FreeSO when you’ll be asked to update your game. Select ”Yes” and wait for the update to download and install. You’ll need to restart your game afterwards.

New FreeSO Update adds new features and bug fixes!

One of the best things about the new update is that you can now change the resolution of FreeSO by dragging the corners of the FreeSO window. You can even use the full potential of your computer’s resolution by dragging the FreeSO window to the top corner of your screen.

New FreeSO Update adds new features and bug fixes!

Here are the full patch notes of the latest update:

  • Implement Volume Controls (via options menu)
  • Implement Door Permissions EOD (permissions, code, fee)
  • Optimise smooth zoom.
  • Actually purge old entries from Lot Visits table
  • Optimise monetary transactions slightly.
  • Right control and shift keys work across the board (unified modifiers)
  • Drag-to-resize windowed mode. Maximise and windows snap-to-side also work.
  • Backend work for dynamic resizing
  • Server url in debug options
  • Fix Binding crash (on logout)
  • Fix restaurant plates stacking out of world, in such a way that they created an infinite stack
  • Stop any stackable objects creating infinite stacks in general

For more information on how to install FreeSO, CLICK HERE!

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