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Builder Spotlight: Breezyblue022

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Hi, I’m Jason Sterling. When it comes to building inspiration I often look to our fellow Simmers. The Sims is a world spanning game with seventeen years of development. As such, it has perhaps the most diverse player base of any PC game on the market today. This provides a wealth of opportunity for exploring different styles and ideas through builds. From time to time I’ll spotlight a builder that has struck me with their creative ability. Today that builder is Breezyblue022. Her “Vampire’s Valentine Apartment” is the particular build I fell in love with.

It’s available on the Gallery:

What caught my attention first about this build is the way Breezy has created a large area rug from three separate elements and placed it front and center. So, your eye is immediately drawn into the build. She continues with an intense feel of large scale grandeur throughout the small apartment. That’s an important thing to remember. Small in space doesn’t have to equate to small in style. Also, small spaces can be dark yet still feel very open and roomy. As a result this space works brilliantly. The pictures below will further illustrate this apartment in a thousand visual words. In addition, the text inserts provide a bit of insight about the Simmer who created it.

Builder Spotlight: Breezyblue022

Builder Spotlight: Breezyblue022

Builder Spotlight: Breezyblue022

Builder Spotlight: Breezyblue022

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this example of the talented Sim builder and designer, Breezyblue022. You can see her full range of abilities by looking through her entire Gallery Collection:

Breezyblue022's Gallery

Thank-you for joining me for this spotlight. Do you have some builders you really admire? If so, please post a pic below of their work or a link to their gallery below. They may be in the Spotlight in the future. Next time I’ll take a look at the winning builds of “SimGuruKimmi’s Seafood Restaurant Challenge”.  After that, I’m back to building! Please join me then.

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I'm a "LifeSimmer" playing since the start in 2000. I live in the American Middle West. I'm married with an 8 year old boy. I love all the Sims iterations. Here with the Sims Community I'll be focusing on build related articles primarily, illustrating tricks and tips to help your build reflect the player you are and the sims your sims are. Thanks for visiting! Follow me on Twitch Channel: Twitter @JasonSterling70 Youtube:

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