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The Sims 4 Update Overview: Teen Hangout Lot Trait

Yesterday SimGuruGraham hinted that a new lot trait would be coming to the game, not in the newly announced Bowling Night Stuff Pack but in today’s free update.

The new lot trait that the team has snuck into the game is the Teen Hangout trait. The trait states that when selected you will find more teen Sims will be roaming around in the neighborhood as you know many teen Sims already do.

Also, an interesting addition that also came with the patch is that teen Sims are able to move out of home now too.

The teen hangout trait is being received positively within the community with many Simmers hoping to see a focus on Teen Sims in the future as well as using the trait to help build teen Sims relationships.

The new trait is a great addition to the wide variety of lot traits the game already has and will surely play a significant part in the Bowling Night Stuff Pack. Let us know what you think about the new Teen Hangout lot trait.

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    • Don’t you read? You have to move them out from the Household Management page and then put them in a house on their own. We’ll mostly likely be betting something University related soon if teens can move out.

      • I really hope they give us the ability to just “move out” from the phone or something in the future.

        Having to go to manage worlds to do is slightly annoying.

  • would definitely kill for a teen game pack (yes unrealistic, I’m aware) but just saying that’d be dope. Still waiting for a school/college pack.