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The Sims 4 CC Showcase: Toddler Bedrooms


Just as we’re all getting over the shock of toddlers being added to The Sims 4, you may have noticed that although there is loads of amazing furniture for toddlers it’s still a bit lacking. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Simming community have always amazed me, there’s creators out there making content which could easily be added in to the game and no one would know the gurus hadn’t created it. I’m going to show off some of this brilliant content and provide you with something to spice up your toddlers bedrooms.

The Happy Zoo

Created by kardofe this set is as well made as it is adorable, it consists of a toddler bed, bookcase, toy chest, highchair, rug and various wall decorations. It really suits toddlers with the animal theme and would look brilliant in any Sims house.

Download it over on The Sims Resource.

Bedroom Sweet Dreams

Another made by kardofe this next one is very detailed and a lot more traditional than the previous one. The set comes in a variety of different colours and includes a bed, bed curtain, bookshelf, highchair, toys and some items for decoration.

Download it over on The Sims Resource.

Little One

This next one is made by soloriya, it’s a great colourful set with loads of different swatches and some great items to brighten up any toddler room. This set includes a bed, wardrobe (with decorative bunk bed), shelves, toys and various decorative items.

Download it over on The Sims Resource.

Classic Toddler

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, ShinoKCR has you covered! This one is great, it comes with several swatch options and comes with some fantastic items, the set includes a bed, a bed throw, a bookcase, a chest of drawers, bedside table, lamps, toy chest, potty and a wall decoration.

Download it over on The Sims Resource.

Pecan Bedroom

Created by ThingsByDean this set is quite simple but adds a lot to any toddlers bedroom. More on the small side this set comes with a teepee style bed cover, shelves (with loads of free slots) and a separate bed frame and mattress for extra customisation.

Download it over on Tumblr.

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