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In Novemeber 2004 Electronic Arts released the hugely popular The Urbz: Sims In The City. The game was avalaible for Xbox, Gamecube, PlayStation 2, GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. The Urbz was the third game from The Sims franchise to be released on consoles. The game also featured popular music group The Black Eyed Peas who proivided several songs to the game which were all translated into Simlish and members of the group also appeared as Urbz to.

Fast forward thirteen years to 2017 and several Twitter users HazzaPlumbob, KC89901 and ErykNolan have started a community project entitled Project Urbz Reboot but what excatly is project all about?

An image pinned on the offical Project Urbz Reboot Twitter account goes into a bit more detail about what the project is all about and how the community can get involved.

Let us know what you think about this community driven project and also what you would like to see from the team behind the Project Urbz Reboot!

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Hey! I'm Krista. Long-time Simmer currently studying at Foxbury Institue.


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  • Wasn’t The Urbz hated by everyone but like five people (myself included)? This is seriously the first I’ve seen it mentioned in any major way.

    • Not really.
      The whole Black Eyed Peas collab was enough to make everyone scratch their heads–in 2004 it was practically unheard of for any sort of music group to collaborate with a video game (Guitar Hero wasn’t released for another year) , but it was pretty well received, rating 4.1/5 on ArcadeSpot, 7.5/10 on IGN, and 72% on GameSpot. A lot of people look back and reminisce on this game. Me included. I had my copy for years.

  • Such an underappreciated game, the DS version was a huge part of my childhood! Although I doubt EA would have an interest in rebooting a game that had poor sales, I’m just glad that it wasn’t forgotten by the Sims community.

  • YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE? This without a doubt was my favorite sims game ever! I was a creator in sims 2, so never played other than to play-test, so when Urbz came out I jumped on it and had the time of my life playing this on gamecube. I would seriously love to have an updated reboot of this amazing, challenging and fun console game. I would love many aspects of it to be included into sims 4 as well.