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The Sims 4: New Update Overview! (May 25th, 2017)

The Sims Team released a new update for The Sims 4 with some huge changes to the load / save menu and some minor new additions. Let’s get into it!

Load / Save Menu

The load / save menu has been completely redesigned with some new functions! You can finally see thumbnail previews of the last household you played in that saved game.

Please note that saved games created before the new update need to be saved again in order for thumbnails to appear.

You can also rename saved games and copy the save file path to the clipboard which is pretty useful.

But, the biggest change is the new “recover save” feature, which lets you revert your save game to previous save game points. The recovered save game will create a new game while the saved game that you used to recover will remain untouched.

New Lights

There are 3 new lights that you can find in Build Mode:

Improved Relationship UI

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  • The new save function is deleting my saves, renaming them, etc. Want the old save function back. My daughter and I both play. When I saved my game tonight it completely deleted my save file that I had been saving it under and saved it over her save file instead. I clicked on my save file to save it as that one. So not sure why it did what it did. And even if I had clicked on hers on accident (which I know I didnt do because I was trying to be very careful with the new format) mine should still be there. So, something is very wrong here.

  • we don’t need graphical and cosmetics changes people got used to version that was in game already some even use mods to keep old look of game, pls check go to work issues next time thx for update as always it’s nice of you to care