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The Sims Through the Years: 24th June

Hello and welcome to a brand new series we will be hosting here on Sims Community. You’ve obviously heard of throwback Thursday, well we love a good heap of nostalgia so we thought it would be fantastic to remind you of the many releases we’ve had over the years.

As today is the 24th June we will be going back several years to 2008 when The Sims 2: Ikea Home Stuff was released, although just a stuff pack this was a brilliant addition to the already large library of games, adding plenty of new and stylish furniture to the game, something it definitely needed.

Although it has been a massive nine years since its release the pack still holds up incredibly well, the furniture is some of the best in the complete game and well worth it. The pack actually included real furniture that IKEA really sold at the time.

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Hello, I'm Mike and I'm a Sims addict. I've been playing The Sims since I was 5 years old, most of my early memories of the game revolve around building the perfect houses and burning it down. Since those good days I've played every iteration and most of the spin-offs and have loved every single moment, hope you enjoy my articles!


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  • I actually have the exact same bedroom set from the IKEA stuff pack, haha. As much as I love the IKEA and H&M packs from The Sims 2 (and I was probably one of very few who loved Katy Perry Sweet Treats and bought the Katy Perry edition of Showtime), I hope The Sims 4 stays away from branded content. The brand-name stuff packs in the past usually got a bad reception and I think people have an overall more warm reaction to broader themes.