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Apparently not many people knew about Facial CAS Presets in The Sims 4

I was searching through The Sims posts on Reddit and I came across this thread which reminded people that you need to select certain CAS presets in order to get unique, different shapes and facial features on the chin, cheeks, eyes and so on. I knew about this since The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo, but apparently many on Reddit replied that they’ve just heard about this feature. It’s not a surprise considering that these facial presets are hidden and are only present to you when you click the certain part of your Sim’s face.

Notice the dimples on this Sim’s face? They can only be added by selecting a certain cheek preset. There are different variations that will give your Sim’s cheek a different look (not talking about the shape but the tone and details instead).

Similar thing goes for other parts of the face. Want dimples on your chin? You can find a preset for that!

Want your Sim to have small bags under their eyes? There’s a right preset for that! There are also presets which will your Sim different lenghts of eyelashes.

Did you know about this feature or are you just finding out about it? Let us know in the comments!

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