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The Sims 4: SimGuruKimmi wants your Car Gameplay Feedback!

UPDATE: SimGuruKimmi added a new tweet saying that her tweet asking for car gameplay feedback was nothing more but her curiosity as a simmer:

Cars are something that Simmers wanted to see in The Sims 4 since its release, and now it’s your chance to help that happen!

SimGuruKimmi asked on twitter for your feedback related to how would you like to see cars be implemented into the game.

As you probably know, The Sims 4 only has “visual decor cars” that appear in neighborhoods. There is no option to own a car and a garage like in The Sims 2 or The Sims 3. This is your perfect chance to be heard and let SimGurus know about your car gameplay ideas.

You can reply to this tweet and post your feedback to The Sims Forums (there’s already a petition for cars!).

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  • For there to be cars, teens should have to take drivers ed, parents should have the ability to teach them and the worlds should AT LEAST be semi-open. What I mean by this is that if each world isn’t fully open like say Willow Creek is open to travel around then the community inside it like the one where the venues are, the one where the Goths live should be open to our sims. No wait menu so it loads, we should be able to access it immediately.

    To me cars would be cute but like all short people I don’t love the words ‘cute’. Instead, I think you should focus your time and resources on seasons and pets because that’s something major that the game has been lacking for over two years.

    • I agree with you. If the world’s not going to be semi open then there’s no point in cars.

    • I mean, it would be cool to have the worlds open, but the game has a lot of data to process and uploading details. As each Sims games progress, the more data is added to them. The whole The Sims 2 collection isn’t even close to a GB. The Sims 3 base game itself is 6GB, and The Sims 4 base game is 9GB. Just imagine the packs added to them all LOL. The Sims 4 collection is a big game, and it’s still ongoing! I don’t doubt that the majority of simmers having to deal with lag, especially if they have all the packs downloaded.

  • I agree, not really bothered about cars, you can get decor ones which are just as good, I would like pets and seasons and also more night club lighting like we had in sims 3, its lacking for clubs, apart from that with the sims 4 being so small what is the point of cars, happy as it is apart from what i have mentioned.

  • I actually would love to have cars! I liked seeing my sim driving. I also think that someone made a recommendation for teens to be able to take driver’s ed and get license. Also incorporate cars with Get to work by making driving jobs; delivering newspapers, cabs, etc. Another thing that would be cool would be for sims to have the ability to sell cars too. Oh and have teens drive to school instead of catching the bus.

  • Personally, I don’t think cars are necessary; the game you gave us, which focused on skills and neighbourhoods allowed us to enjoy our home lots to the fullest. However, cars could easily open up new, exciting gameplay options as additions to the game structure you gave us – such as car sciences and technology skills, mechanic careers (maybe even an active career, like those from the GTW pack), and certainly accomplishments/milestones that come with Driver’s Ed., unsafe driving, or perhaps the discovery of new lots. If you were to add cars, bikes would be a wonderful addition as well for children, teens, and adults who are environmentally aware, or only commuting to a nearby lot, but should come with the same opportunities presented with cars, even adding a moodlet for saving gas. I think adding transportation to The Sims 4 would be fun, but not necessary, and should be approached like previous assets added to the game through updates and packs.

  • I don’t care either way about having cars in the Sims 4. Really all I’d like to see is some garage doors (like the ones in City Living but functional), so I can at least add a garage to my houses. Whether someone has a car or not, many homes come with garages and it’s weird for me to exclude them when building certain styles.

    That said, I think if they did add cars, driver’s ed and bicycles like others have suggested would be neat features to go along with it.

  • Most importantly I want to be able to teach sim teens to drive again. Would be great if we could have like a car repair/upgrade hobby too Sims 4 is definitely short on hobbies still.

  • I made a comment on the black simmer that EA should put cars in the game..cus i miss seeing sims drive around an teaching there teens how to drive maybe put in a driving school an different interactions then the sims 3 was

  • I’d love cars. I really would; just make it more immersive. Don’t just add cars; make it worthwhile for us. Also, with the current Sims 4, you should just add bikes/motorcyles/scooters/Skateboard. I can imagine my sims riding around in the city living neighborhood. These also pave way for more skills and immersion.

  • I would love to have a car, but I don’t know tho. I mean, TS4 environment basically do not allow to have a car, they don’t even have carpool or school bus. Some of the neighborhoods don’t have road. So, I’m curious how they’re gonna to pull it off. Well, they could implement it like just sitting in the garage and do do nothing just like statue, or perhaps a few animations. But’ I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea or not.

  • I think that there should be cars to at least let us have the decoration of having a garage. But if you go off your lot to move to another place, then they use the car. Of course other things would be enjoyable. I just want a car to drive.

  • Drivers Ed
    Limo’s to Prom! (put prom in with the photo’s they get after that was adorable in Sims 3)
    Parents can teach there Teens to drive, and also Teens that have excelled in the skill can teach there “younger Teen” brother and sisters that haven’t yet.
    And Semi-Open the world, so it doesn’t load when you just visit a house next door or store/resturant you live next too. Just should have to knock on the door, and that’s all. Kinda like how the Sims 3 was.

    • They were part of the game for sims 2 and worked fine with that world which works similar to sims 4 since only 3 was open world.

      • Yeah but every lot on the sims 2 had roads/street unlike the sims 4 which has lots and even neighborhoods that doesn’t have any kind of road or street in front of the lot or even near it.

  • I think cars should appear on the nearest sim who wishes to leave a lot so your sim doesn’t have to walk to the end of the area to go home so you don’t have to use the travel item as much to get home quickly.

    They should also have a garage and the ability to pull out of the driveway and then drive quickly off the current location. Be cool to have a special events when entering a new lot based on a driving trait, such as bad drivers might have to pay a fee and get a tense mo

  • I don’t want open worlds, because it would be harder to play multiple families like it was in Sims 3. I like having multiple families on the go. You could only really be 1 household in sims 3. Sims 2 was not open world and still had cars, so yeah, i wouldn’t mind them. But i would prefer a proper EP first. Its been too long now.

  • THIS *clap* IS *clap* HOW *clap* THEY *clap* SHOULD *clap* HAVE *clap* DONE *clap* ALL *clap* THE *clap* PACKS !!!!

  • The sims 4 should definitely add cars onto where it’s not just a decorative of no use. From the very beginning known game I know of the sims from when it started to what it is now, has become so realistic more than before along with so many additional features to unspeak of . With them adding a gameplay where the sims can own their car, drive it and or teach the teenagers how to drive it and or an option of a school they gotta take, parallel parking outside the sims house for when they have occasions .. I mean all this additional stuff just adds more reality gameplay to the game itself . I mean it’s already cool of the fact that they came out with the sims being able to live in the city ! So what’s wrong with them now being able to actually travel on a plane or take a car ride ? And or take the train while they live in the city ? Knowing we make families on the sims . So why not travel or have your car to be able to travel to your grandmas house outside of town/city . Or to your parents house ? The houses are already more amazing to build along with their decoration so why not a Range Rover ? Lexus ? Porsche? Jaguar ? Toyota Camry ? And or Toyota Corolla ? How about the jeep Cherokee , Mercedes and or Tahoe? And more parked outside what ever house u build from small to mansion with one of these cars on the outside but that are actually drivable with a lot more options of use to add this amazing game. As mentioned it’s all about just adding more reality then what their is already on the sims on what they’ve amount to be . !