The Sims 4: SimGuruKimmi wants your Car Gameplay Feedback!

UPDATE: SimGuruKimmi added a new tweet saying that her tweet asking for car gameplay feedback was nothing more but her curiosity as a simmer:

Cars are something that Simmers wanted to see in The Sims 4 since its release, and now it’s your chance to help that happen!

SimGuruKimmi asked on twitter for your feedback related to how would you like to see cars be implemented into the game.

As you probably know, The Sims 4 only has “visual decor cars” that appear in neighborhoods. There is no option to own a car and a garage like in The Sims 2 or The Sims 3. This is your perfect chance to be heard and let SimGurus know about your car gameplay ideas.

You can reply to this tweet and post your feedback to The Sims Forums (there’s already a petition for cars!).

Written by Jovan Jovic

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  1. The sims 4 should definitely add cars onto where it’s not just a decorative of no use. From the very beginning known game I know of the sims from when it started to what it is now, has become so realistic more than before along with so many additional features to unspeak of . With them adding a gameplay where the sims can own their car, drive it and or teach the teenagers how to drive it and or an option of a school they gotta take, parallel parking outside the sims house for when they have occasions .. I mean all this additional stuff just adds more reality gameplay to the game itself . I mean it’s already cool of the fact that they came out with the sims being able to live in the city ! So what’s wrong with them now being able to actually travel on a plane or take a car ride ? And or take the train while they live in the city ? Knowing we make families on the sims . So why not travel or have your car to be able to travel to your grandmas house outside of town/city . Or to your parents house ? The houses are already more amazing to build along with their decoration so why not a Range Rover ? Lexus ? Porsche? Jaguar ? Toyota Camry ? And or Toyota Corolla ? How about the jeep Cherokee , Mercedes and or Tahoe? And more parked outside what ever house u build from small to mansion with one of these cars on the outside but that are actually drivable with a lot more options of use to add this amazing game. As mentioned it’s all about just adding more reality then what their is already on the sims on what they’ve amount to be . !

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