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The Sims Mobile: NEW Careers and Hobbies have been found!

After I managed to find every single heirloom that there currently is in The Sims Mobile, I found out that there are some Careers and Hobbies mentioned in the description of these heirlooms that yet have to be added to the game.

We don’t have any information about when exactly will they add these features as the game is still soft-launched in Brazil. But, considering they already have made dedicated heirlooms for each Career and Hobby it’s safe to say that The Sims Mobile team is developing them.

Here are all the Careers and Hobbies that are planned to be added in The Sims Mobile:


  • Business Career
  • Photography Career
  • Science Career
  • Political Career
  • Baking Career
  • Space Career
  • Technology Career
  • Creative Direction Career
  • Law Career
  • Singing Career


  • Painting Hobby
  • Vlogging Hobby
  • Gaming Hobby
  • Basketball Hobby

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