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“Oh Wonder” Teases Simlish Song for Upcoming Sims Game!

UPDATE: Oh Wonder deleted the tweet with the simlish teaser. However, you can still watch the youtube video we posted below!

Oh Wonder, a London-based alternative pop duo have teased their newly released “Ultralife” song in Simlish!

Considering that voiceovers and simlish songs are usually done before the announcement of a Sims 4 game this could mean that you’ll be hearing Ultralife in Simlish in one of the upcoming Sims 4 Packs. We don’t know yet if it’s for The Sims 4 or The Sims Mobile but we’re positive that it’s for TS4 considering it’s the source of all Simlish music in The Sims Mobile.

You can watch and listen to the snippet down below:

Make sure you listen to the full, english version of Ultralife as well. What do you think, for which Sims game are they recording the Simlish version of their latest single?

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  • I want a group assigned to record a song in Simlish to go online and report that they’re recording an entirely different song, just to screw with everyone.
    I don’t know if this the next EP’s ‘theme song’. Looking back at previous EP’s, you can see that they’ve gone with more loud and move much more quickly. This song isn’t bad at all, but it seems too calm to be the main attraction like ‘Beautiful Now’ was to Get Together.
    Though, I may be wrong because Pets EPs tend to give an ‘acoustic’ song vibe rather than an ‘electronic’ one.

    • Actually, the music seems to approach friendship, pets are the best examples of friendship… and it’s not an acoustic, it’s country vibe. Don’t be so negative ;) Pets are coming!

  • Guuys xd Nobody can say it SOUNDS like Pet expansion. You just wish it would sound like Pets. However, we will 100% get Pets since its confirmed and they teased it alot. And I also think it will come in 2017, but we cannot be sure wheather its Pets now- or a Gameplaypack or something else.
    I expect Pets in Q4 (November) And gooosh Ive been craving for so long I really want it.