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The Sims FreePlay: Class Clown Hobby

Early access to beta provided by EA / Firemonkeys!

Class Clown Hobby is a limited-time hobby which lasts for 7 days after completing the Teacher’s Pet Quest.

You begin by clicking the notification cloud icon in the first, English classroom. This hobby revolves around completing tasks that last for 30 hours and 30 minutes. After completing each task in each classroom you unlock a certain collectible, or master as they call it in The Sims FreePlay.


As any hobby in The Sims FreePlay you have certain levels that you obtain by performing hobby interactions. Please note that hobby levels and “masters” that you obtain with each interaction have no correlation.

Class Clown Hobby Levels

  • Level 1 – Novice Agitator
  • Level 2 – Junior Jester (250XP Reward)
  • Level 3 – Commensurate Comedian (500XP Reward)
  • Level 4 – Experienced Buffoon (750 Simoleons Reward)
  • Level 5 – Veteran Vaudevillian (10,000 Town Value)
  • Level 6 – Elite Disruptor (1LP Reward)

Moving on to the main thing about Class Clown Hobby and that’s unlocking the classrooms. To unlock each classroom you’ll need 3 certain masters. The thing about these masters is that there’s always a chance that you might obtain a master that you already have (the ones that are orange are rare meaning that you might go through a lot of trial and error to obtain them).

If you’re not to keen on waiting 3 hours and 30 minutes for your Sims to finish their interaction you can speed up the process by purchasing a random master. There’s a risk here as well that you might obtain a master you already have.

Home Economics Room

Unlocking the Home Economics Room can be done by performing the English Clown interaction and unlocking these 3 masters:

  • Character Distr-Actor
  • Aerial Disturbance
  • Studying Z’s

Computer Lab Room

Unlocking the Computer Lab Room can be done by performing the Home Ec Clown interaction and unlocking these 3 masters:

  • Water Burner
  • Inflammatory Selfie
  • Chef de Charcoal

Science Lab Room

Unlocking the Science Lab Room can be done by performing the Computer Lab Clown and unlocking these 3 masters:

  • High Scorer
  • Feline Video Lover
  • Cloud Surfer

Second Floor + Hobby Completion

You have one more set to finish in order to complete this hobby and unlock the second floor! You can do that by performing the Science Lab Clown interaction and unlocking the following masters:

  • Gas Diffuser
  • Creative Innovator
  • Chemical Reactor

Completing this event will grant you access to the second floor, which you can begin unlocking:

If you manage to complete this hobby in 7 days or else you’ll unlock cheerleading outfits.


Sims who decide to join the routine in the Downtown High School sports field will automatically be dressed up into the cheerleading outfits:

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