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The Sims FreePlay: Teacher’s Pet Quest Walkthrough

Early access to beta provided by EA / Firemonkeys!

Downtown High School Update Quest

The Sims FreePlay is back again with another great update – this time letting your Sims go to high school!

For this article we’ll be focusing on the first part of this update and that’s the Teacher’s Pet Quest, which focuses on building the high school, cleaning it and sending your Sims on various assignments.

You begin the quest by building the Downtown High Shool in the Downtown Area:

Here’s what you need to know about this quest before starting:

  • Time: This quest lasts for 8 days!
  • Reward: As a reward you unlock a new Pet – a teacup pig!
  • Unlockable: Class Clown Hobby

Let’s begin with the quest and how long it takes to complete each assignment:

  • Visit Downtown High
  • Phone the Principal (1 minute)
  • Clean up the front of the School
    • Weeds: 1 hour x4
    • Weeds #2: 30 minutes
    • Branches: 2 hours 30 minutes x3
    • Small Rock Pile: 5 minutes

TIP: Make sure you have multiple Sims available to clean for faster results.

  • Play with Soccer Ball (5 minutes)

  • Clean the Sports Field
    • Trash – 4 hours 10 minutes
    • Trash – 2 hours 30 minutes x3
    • Trash – 1 hour 30 minutes x3
    • Trash – 1 hour x5
  • Phone the Principal again (1 hour 40 minutes)
  • Say Hello to Vernon (3 hours 20 minutes)

  • Feed Vernon (6 hours 40 minutes)
  • Lie down on a School Bench (2 hours)
  • Search the Field (10 minutes)
  • Send a Sim to the Park
  • Search the Fountain (7 hours 5 minutes)

  • Oink like a Pig (2 hours 30 minutes)
  • Read Coach’s Email (9 hours)
  • Photograph Any Pet (12 hours)
  • Adjust Photo on Computer (Apply Filters) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  • Return to the Park
  • Follow the trail of rubbish in the Park
  • Have Two Sims in a House Lot
  • Have your Sim lie to another Sim

  • Watch a Sports Event on TV (10 hours 30 minutes)
  • Sit and Think of a Solution (1 hour 21 minutes)
  • Confess to Five Sims (Come Clean interaction) (5 hours x5)

TIP: If you have 10 Sims who don’t have any assignments, pair them up so that you can complete this assignment in 5 hours instead of 25 or less.

  • Workshop a Solution (14 hours 10 minutes)
  • Send 5 Sims to the Downtown High sports field
  • Perform Sports activities (18 hours 20 minutes – all 5 sims required)

  • Hug Vernon (22 hours 30 minutes)
  • Build the English Classroom

You’ll unlock the Class Clown Hobby which lasts for 7 days. With this hobby you’ll be able to unlock all classrooms in Downtown High School.

Completing the Teacher’s Pet quest in 8 days or less will grant you the Teacup Pet Pig award! You can claim it at the Pet Store for free, but if you decide to ever buy one again you’ll need 100 Lifetime Points.


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