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WARNING: People are being locked out of their Origin Accounts

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There seems to be a new attack of unknown origin (pun intended) that’s influencing many users of Electronic Arts’ Origin platform. The result of this attack is often being locked out of your Origin account and not being able to access it with the password that you previously used.

The source of this issue is still not known but many believe that the issue starts by receiving this e-mail. There’s a huge discussion about this currently happening on Reddit where plenty of people have reported the same problem – not being able to access their account after getting these e-mails.

Although the e-mail address from who these people got this e-mail from are legit it seems to be still causing issues when people click the link. Many have reported that they’ve been locked out after clicking the link until they managed to restore their account through customer support.

WARNING: People are being locked out of their Origin Accounts WARNING: People are being locked out of their Origin Accounts

Here are some steps you should take to secure your account:

  • DO NOT CLICK any links that have been sent to you by EA without your knowledge / request!
  • CHANGE PASSWORD MANUALLY: To change your Password, go to Origin > Account & Privacy > Security and click the blue Edit text where you can change your Password. It’s also recommended that you add one or two security questions!
  • ENABLE 2-STEP VERIFICATION: Go to your EA Account settings and under Security add your login verification method!

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