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There’s a really crazy rumor about why Burglars are not included in The Sims 4

The Sims Forum member TOLKIEN, who’s often known for “inside scoops” of his friend that works at EA Sports in Burnaby has another crazy rumor – and this time he’s talking about why burglars are not included in The Sims 4.

According to him, the burglars are not included in the game because it might “trigger” sensitive players. That’s right. As crazy as it might sound, his explanation why they think the new generation of Sims players might not like this feature sounds very possible.

Apparently somebody during design felt that due to the nature of the Sims 4’s focus on the “home space lot”, that a burglar invading said space could feel like a violation to players, including inducing anxiety and possible trigger players who have experienced similar experiences.

Now I pointed out this seemed like a stretch considering previous Sims games had burglars, but my friend pointed out the Sims 4 was made for a new generation, with a team of producers surrounded by people OF that generation who would point out that the invasion of their home or safe place could create feelings of discomfort or possible even triggering. Indirectly I can see his point, I’ve been playing games for a long time and a lot of the stuff in earlier games I’ve played a decade ago would certainly NEVER make the cut in todays politically charged gaming environment.

My friend also pointed out that in “get to work” you investigate crimes, but that’s not the same as “BEING the victim of a crime”.

They’ve certainly had a lot of opportunity to add burglars with various expansions and patches (and who knows we might still get them!) However if you look at the overall goofy nature of much of the Sims 4, I could certainly see some truth in creating a safer, happy experience for sims players. Certainly being the victim of a burglary would be the opposite.

Now HOW much of this was embellishment on my friends part is hard to say, he LOVES to make a point – but still the basics of the rumor are believable – that “burglars” are simply no longer appropriate in a game like the Sims 4 targeting a new generation of players.


Many are not sure why did The Sims Team then allow Vampires to knock on the doors of your household in the middle of the night but that could just be a completely different scenario.

Of course nothing has been confirmed by EA so this is nothing more than a pure rumor (not even speculation as there’s no evidence).

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  • I can understand the sentiment but that’s why they NEED to include an options panel in settings, it’s not that hard, and I know that as someone who knows coding.

    • Dude, it’s a rumor. Don’t get toxic. Political correctness is about not intentionally being a dick to people who are different than you. This “non-triggering” stuff is called being oversensitive, or over-the-top considerate, depending on where you stand — It’s not being politically correct.

      The rumor makes no sense, and its truth is unlikely considering Vampires can break into your house and drink from you without you being able to do anything about it and without your consent, and that’d be wayyyyyyy more “triggering” for SJWs and/or people who have been victimized.

      • To be fair, being “non-triggering” is about the same. It’s just that political correctness is about what people ARE, versus triggering is about what people HAVE EXPERIENCED. Triggering is NOT “this makes me feel uncomfortable”; triggering IS “oh God, this brings back horrible memories and now I’m having a panic attack.” Or, to use Urban Dictionary’s example: “I was psychologically scarred watching my best friend get shot in the head as a young teen. That scene in the movie where they shot the hostages triggered unpleasant memories, and I felt myself reliving those horrible experiences again.”

        That being said, you can take it too far. I don’t remember anyone having a negative reaction to the burglars of previous Sims game, beyond annoyance. As others have already said, a simple toggle in the Settings tab could take care of it quite handily.

      • Agreed on the point about Vampires being more of a trigger than vampires, I’m so disgusted by Vampires’ ability to enter a home, wake a Sim from their sleep, “rape” their neck for blood and turn them into a vampire WITHOUT CONSENT or any player options to stop the process. I personally felt violated when a male Vampire did just this to one of my female Sims. Even after she told him to “Go Away” he hypnotized her for the second time so he could drink her blood.

  • I think it’d be more “triggering” to have a vampire break into your house, hypnotize you, and drink your blood [without consent] and then vanishing as opposed to a burglar breaking into your home to swipe a thing or two (whether or not you’re there).

  • I believe that it’s a game there is so many virtual reality games that has crime in it. The burglary feature was funny and it gave the cops something more to do and it gave us more game play . If burglary game play is so sensitive them they need to take out the kleptomaniac game play those two go hand and hand . The act of burglary is the same thing except that it can happen to the player unexpectedly or expectedly . Either way it brings a lesson to the game as well as when a sim with the kleptomaniac trait get caught they get embarrassed and I think that’s a game play that the cops can come in and make an arrest to. It’s basically the same. The lesson is stealing isn’t right as well as burglary. I hope it’s just a rumor it brings fun as well as a lesson to the game . I think firemen career should come back as well with more things to do. Yes sims 4 came out with a different generation but this new generation is growing in all different direction so you can put that on it either. There more things that are happening in this generation today that by adding something that was in the game for years that people seen and has happen to them and more shouldn’t cause sensitivity.

  • They might as well give us back the burglars because have vampires that break into our sims home late at night just like they would, and instead of stealing from us they hypnotize ours sims, and feed on them. So whats the difference?!? None.

  • To this generation’s parents: It’s time to teach your children to stop being special snowflakes and get *triggered* by every little bitty thing. Especially, on a cartoony video game. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad my parents didn’t raise me to be such a softy. I worry about real things, like bills and things, not burglars on a video game.

      • I’m not sure if you meant I don’t talk to people in real life, because I do. I have a job that requires it and I have friends who get “triggered” and I still don’t understand it.

        I suppose it’s a generation gap, but it seems that anyone under the age of 25 gets triggered by the most mundane things.

        • it’s got nothing to do with “gen gap”. it’s called a fad. one person gets offended so now everyone has to be. no one has a mind of their own anymore.

          • I’m not sure if we should make symptoms of a mental health disorder a fad and call it unoriginal. being triggered does not mean jsut getting angry. It goes mroe along the lines of ptsd and traumatic events in your past. both fo these thigns are serious but I don’t see any reason to blame an entire generation of parents for it. though i don’t really udnerstand where the game was going with removing all the stuff that made sism interesting in the first place when they could have just made it a toggle in settings.

    • I can fully understand why they have not been added, i have recurring nightmares about burglars and have panic attacks because of them. This is not because my parents raised me to be a “softy” but because of mental health issues that are more widely understood in this generation. It is a shame that your parents raised you to be so small minded.

      • I am not small-minded at all. The fact is, I understand fear and mental illness. What I don’t understand is being triggered by mundane things. Is burglary something to fear? Of course, it is. But should it consume you so badly that a video game triggers you? No. It’s a video game, with comical characters. Burglars don’t really wear striped outfits and prance around in a comical manner. They don’t steal plants and other silly objects.

        What I’m saying is, once a person enters into the real world, you can’t be shielded away from all of the bad things in the world and parents should be teaching methods on how to deal with these bad things instead of shielding them, because the real world doesn’t have your parents there to protect you.

        My parents taught me that the real world isn’t “fair” and rainbows and lollipops. It’s a place with real people who don’t care if you or anyone else has a mental illness or a physical disability (like myself). They taught me to deal with people throwing insults my way and using less than nice words to describe someone in a wheelchair. I grew a backbone and I learned that Mom and Dad won’t be there to defend me when someone is mean to me or when someone says something I don’t like.

        It happens a lot, but I just don’t understand why parents are teaching their children that being scared of everything in real life is okay. You can’t leave your job if your boss or co-worker says something you don’t like. So, what happens when that happens? You have to learn to deal with it. It’s just like my parents taught me that when I was growing up instead of letting me figure it out on my own.

        I’m now going to delete this link and stop engaging, because it’s pointless. Good luck to you all and I hope your life will be fulfilled.

        • “The fact is, I understand fear and mental illness. What I don’t understand is being triggered by mundane things.”

          ^^ If you understand mental illness and fear completely, then you wouldn’t have succeeded that first sentence with the following one. The people who find it difficult to understand how ‘mundane’ things can trigger some people usually are the same people who do NOT actually understand fear and mental illness at all. Lol. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Lol yeah so vampires breaking in our sims houses and sucking the life out of their necks with no consent while moaning sexually and aliens abducting our sims and essentially raping and impregnating them is okay but a damn burglar is suddenly problematic? I feel like the sims team is nothing but a bunch of SJW’s that try to shove their special snowflake agenda down the franchise fans’ throats. If you get triggered by a pixelated cartoon character in a video game then i pity you for you know nothing about real suffering.

      • I apologize, if I may appear to be rude, but how do comical video games that feature plenty of exaggeration in an entertaining way, including exaggerated comical burglars is something completely triggering of a feauture to have even been used in a silly and quite absurd manner? And yes, I do understand the heavy fear of burglary as I have once settled in an area where unfortunately, burglary was very frequent, but FFS a silly little video game shouldn’t cause such distress! They had made an appearence in every other main iteration of the Sims, and frankly I can’t recall many who it had feared them as so, only as a shock and an annoyance, but it truly beats me. Perhaps EA will hopefully add them and also add an option to turn them off to reach a compromise.

        This was very tedious to write and I only grew more and more disappointed. If, “mental health issues that are more widely understood” is the reason why people are being triggered by something that had been done many many times in the Sims, and which had never even tried to convey and imitate real burglars then that truly is such a pity as I have dealt mental health issues. Again, I sincerely apologize if I had been rash and offensive, as I genuinely did not mean so. I hope you all have a nice rest of your day now, since, as ‘A Concerned Citizen’ has said, it’s pointless.

      • I have recurring nightmares about digital people called the sims and have panic attacks because of them. I propose that the gaming industry should ban such thing completely because of people like me, because you know, everyone should be open-minded and considerate about others’ feelings, except for me (of course), I have this mental illness called snowflake syndrome, and I can’t stand anything that doesn’t fit into my world view and need to have my safe space.

      • Burglars act very comically, ffs they steal your sim’s toilet instead of that expensive TV you saved up to buy! And you can always install a small mod to fix that or use a lot trait.

        Also, as someone who gets plenty of panic attacks from being in crowded areas, I’m not going to avoid social situations like the plague or demand that any social aspect of the sims be removed. Sorry, but the majority want burglars, a large part of that being the fact that they’ve always been in the series and some people having mental health issues related to burglars is not going to change that. As much as it sucks to be robbed or have nightmares about it, it’s a game and everything that happens in a game is fictional and often exaggerated.

        While mental health issues are more widely understood now, you can’t treat everyone like babies because of the possibility that something may trigger them. This is real life, and real life doesn’t walk on egg shells to make sure you’re not triggered. Call me narrow minded, but the world doesn’t revolve around mental illness, even when it comes to fiction. If you have a problem with mental health, then consider a psychiatrist. It’s a better solution than cutting features most people have been requesting for years.

  • okay… so what about the vampires ?
    Yesterday one came to my sims house and drink her, and I couldn’t avoid it…
    I think it’s the same problem… is it not a little hypocrite ?

    • I think if there are people out there who have a fear of burglars and are glad they are not included in the game, I’m sure there are people out there also who have a fear of vampires…I wouldn’t say its hypocritical of them, since its not added into the base game as burglars once were in previous versions of the Sims. Vampires are an add-on, and if there are people who feel triggered by it, I assume they’d just simply not download it..right? Just a thought

  • It makes sense but maybe we can get robbers dressed up in cute animal costumes and they can steal some food from the fridge. I think that It won’t bring back anyone’s bad memories with robbery though! But I totally understand and respect the Team for thinking about everyone that’s so thoughtful of them!

  • Is it weird to say I thought it was actually pretty funny with every heart attack a burglar alert gave me? I’d nearly jump out of my skin but then laugh it off and watch them steal my toilets and plants. Honestly, I want them back.

  • Gotta be honest, I feel more triggered by vampires than by burglar. If you let the burglar go, then they will not bother you anymore

  • I think this is just a crappy rumor… ive been the victim of a break in where they had me and my family at gunpoint and i dont see an issue. I am sure they will bring it back with an expansion that includes firefighters and cops (hopefully the military too)

      • I’ve woken to find a stranger in my room, stealing my stuff and then had him threaten to kill me when he realised I was awake. (Spoiler alert: I yelled for my Dad and the guy took off.) And you know what? I still enjoy watching crime shows, reading mysteries, etc. I could let myself be triggered by such things, but I refuse to. That said, it did annoy me when a burglar showed up in previous Sims games. IIRC, time slowed down and you couldn’t enter build/buy mode until they left. So I’m not bothered if they add it into TS4 or not.

  • A mi me encantaría que los sims 4 tuvieran ladrones la verdad, no veo que eso nos vaya a crear ningún estrés ni mucho menos. Al contrario, le daría más vida al juego, que todo el mundo sale muy tranquilo a la calle y duermen tranquilos todas las noches. Yo creo que los ladrones le darían un muy buen punto al juego. De lo contrario seguirá teniendo el punto de aburrido.
    Ademas ahora con las mascotas, si hubiesen ladrones, podrían defender nuestra casa o despertarnos para llamar a la policía, ademas que ser policía y tenerlos en el juego ahora tendría más significado.

  • I could see the point if we didnt have kleptos and evil sims. Could be entirely possible they didnt think robbers are a necessary part of the past games. So they decided to opt out.

  • I don’t buy it. If they’re worried about triggering people, why do they let vampires break into your house and attack you? Makes no sense.

  • It’s simple then. Add them in a Game Pack, and the people who would be “triggered” don’t have to buy it. If they DO buy it, then it’s their own fault, because the fact that the pack added crime would be impossible to miss.

    Also, I get the idea that homes are supposed to be safe, but when my Sim can be bitten by a vampire, set on fire, etc in his own house, the idea that stereotypical cartoon burglars would “trigger” anyone, and that Maxis has to comply to the 1% of people who are, is a little silly to me.

    It’s like that lady boarding that plane recently, who was deathly allergic to dogs, but rather than leave the plane, demanded the Service Dog be removed from the plane. If they are so “triggered” by this, you would think they wouldn’t risk it at all. But no, they demand everything revolve around them, so the 99% of people who want them are left in the dust.

  • What a load of crap if that is how EA thinks all they have to do is make it a switch that turns on burglars or turns them off in the preload screen. To deny the vast majority the right to punch a burglar on the nose just because someone may be over sensitive is political correctness gone mad. If people are that sensitive they probably should be doing arts and crafts rather than play computer games.

  • Sooo.. basically, somebody is triggered by the idea that somebody, somewhere in the process of development, may possibly have considered somebody else?

    Sure, they could go get a mod that lets them do what they want, but instead, they have to be offended by the idea that there’s a rumor that the game has been affected by the possibility of somebody else being offended. “OMG how horrible! There exists a person who doesn’t consider me the center of the universe!”

    Now THERE’S somebody to take seriously!

  • Very easy fix. Someone is probably gonna make a mod that disables burglars or MCCC may have such an option. If not that, there could be a lot trait that, at the very least, lowers the chance of burglars, and of course burglar alarms. Anyway, if this is true (Which I doubt it is because of vampires breaking into your house at night) then it’s a stupid reason. Most people want burglars back, they’ve always existed in the sims, there’s no convincing reason for why they can’t be added back in. Yes, maybe some people are traumatised from being robbed or something of the sort but again, a mod or a lot trait could fix that. And there will always be people who may feel anxious about whatever situation but you can’t cater to absolutely everyone.

  • I just don’t understand why the feature wasn’t added and provide players with an option to turn off the burglar animations if they wish to?!

    Although a number of players may have been a victim of a similar crime a lot of simmers who have played since day one like traditional features of the game that seem to always be the first thing to be stripped out!?

  • A vampire is sure as heck more frightening at the door than a burglar. At least crooks just grab the TV. The vampire assaults/attacks innocent Sims! Hurting them and potentially turning them! Not to mention that crippling drain

  • There’s plenty of mention about the vampires who break in and suck your blood, but what about the fact that you can be kidnapped by aliens and become pregnant? I’m guessing that r*pe might be more “triggering” for those who have survived an attack IRL than a burglar or a make-believe vampire.

  • Thats a good arguement but at the end of the day why cant they do what they with whims some dont like them so they made an option why cant they do that with burgalars

  • This makes 0 sense to me. They already have home invaders in the Sims 4. They’re called Vampires. They often come into your home, WHILE YOU SLEEP and physically violate you. I mean.. if we’re talking potential triggers – how was THAT not considered a canditate for the list?

    Of course, it’s all ridiculous. All they have to do to get around that issue is take a leaf out of their get famous pack. Make “burglary” an option that can be turned off if the player is not into that scenario. You can turn fame off (you can even make it so you can’t even see the shine from fame) along with other game mechanisms, like aging and weather – why not have burglary as an opt in system?

    For these reasons ALONE I doubt the voracity of this claim. But if it really IS why we don’t have our beloved little rogues any more, then they’ve been very very silly. It’s easily delt with.

  • They made this for the “new generation” that why it is on the borderline of sucking. There are a million + other games they can choose from. Don’t make all of us pay for someone inability to cope with a “fictional video game”. Geez we can’t enjoy a lot of older features because someone does not know how to differentiate real life from a video game?

  • I miss burglars in a way, but wouldn’t an option to disable them be a good thing? Just like Sims 3 had with all supernaturals… Oh and please, do that to the bloodsuckers too! Vlad (the vampire) ran into my house and MURDERED MY SIM!

  • That kinda explains why Ghosts weren’t added to the base game as well. Having them appear on the lot with a whooshing sound would scare sensitive people. Also pools for those who are hydrophobic….

  • Play all the pc stuff with the new sims.os more ridiculous everytime I play it, hope sims 5 didn’t fallow these cha he’s cause when u look at fourms most of the time ppl are complaining about the game and how dumbed down it is.. like for real some.of it just excuse to half butt it .. we need to be able to call fire department and police for both impression and because sims.constantly refuse to leave your lot or outright cannot even ask them to leave.. it’s so annoying.

    • Okay my phone decided to change every other word from what I actually typed… Another user-friendly but problematic feature in tech made to make things easy for my generation… I’m not thankful… I played older sims games and while some.of the functionality of sims 4 makes trying to go back impossible for me long term, there are still so many things I wish for back…. Ghosts being color coded for instance from what died of so they don’t all feel the same… The emotional color change is stupid.. also not being able to call police or fire department is imerssion breaking and of they include those they outta have a option for what crime of it’s not burgurler you could get sims off your property, stop that kleptomaniac sim or vampire by calling the vampire squad cause I think they should get their own police response die to their powers… Aliens same thing or occult.. but bottom line get them off our property when we can’t ask them to leave… Let us change the color of cellings to match our house, improve pov camera controls and clipping.. allow us more advanced build tools as a option set which we can build anything we want like in sims three. A color wheel or select your own color with a few suggested colors near each item but ultimately let us pic.. and instead of going this direction look at the success of the cereal killer and woohoo modes and add more semi mature content but keep it optional..