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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet Developer Information from Sims Camp

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During Sims Camp 2017 we had an opportunity to listen to the presentation by some of the producers who work on The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. For the Create A Pet presentation we listened to a presentation by SimGuruRomeo and SimGuruJM which was rich with new information! Here’s all the interesting details about Create A Pet that we wrote down:

  • Breed option panel – There are presets for each breed with different colors and shape variations. Unique fur pieces and fur textures.
  • There are also small dogs, a boston terrier. There are animations based on their traits. Dogs will come with pre-suggested traits. You can go in and change any of the traits and add new ones. There are traits each for Cats and Dogs.
  • You can search for breeds  – type in “bull” and you’ll find bull terrier, bull mastiff, french bulldog, pit bull, staffordshire bull terrier.
  • The body paint or the pre-paint – you can start off with a typical color and give other pet’s patterns. You can search for a german shephard and apply the pelts that you can put on your dog. You can change colors for certain pre-set areas which speeds up the entire process.
  • In 20 clicks you can create your own pet without the paint tools. They wanted to make it quick and seamless so you can create your pet in only a few quicks.
  • There’s a patchwork pattern and even a robot, skeleton.
  • There’s a breed mixer where you can pick two breeds and mix them creating a unique mix of breeds. You can even randomize the mix breeds option so you can find multimple presets for the breeds.
  • There are face modifiers. You can move the ears up and downand then there are presets where dogs can have one ear down and one up giving you more options.
  • You can turn the ears.
  • You can make the pets crosseyed.
  • There’s heterochromia which lets you change your pet’s single eye color. There are around 9 eye color presets.
  • You can make them frown or smile and make goofy looking dogs.
  • There are color swatches for the nose. You have the ability to paint the nose. There are a lot of sets of basics that you can later continue in the paint mode.
  • There are 5 tail presets. Curly up, curly down, short tairs for boxers and corgis. There are fur patterns with plenty of presets for the patters.
  • There are plenty of combinations and you can customize every part of the body just like with Create A Sim.
  • There’s pet clothing.
  • There are bows, grilled cheese pijamas, the dino, the unicorn hat, a fancy tupe, the shark, the hot dog and so on. A lot of stuff is still in production so some swatches and objects are still not present in the game.were still not present in the game – this is from a presentation back in September 2017.
  • The paint mode has a lot of options. There are plenty of basic brushes where you can change the color and the brushes can be mirrored or not. You can make spots and paint any part of the body. There are spots that you can add all over the body and the brush options are numerous.
  • There’s a color wheel in paint mode which functions similarly to optuons you get in photoshop.
  • There are stamp sections like flowers. They won’t overlap. There’s also a ghost, freezer bunny, a plumbob, sun, poop, raindrops and plenty more including the cactus.
  • There’s also the stencil mode. You can paint certain parts all you want so it won’t go over the lines. You can go detailed without manually painting.
  • You can use the fill bucket as well which fits the stencils. Ther are zombie patch dogs, zebra patterns and more. You can really go crazy with it.
  • You can also change the poses which will help you paint certain areas of your pet.
  • There’s an eyedrop tool and an eraser. You can go into detail paint mode where you can paint smaller details like the nose.You can paint the paws.
  • There’s a special dog breed – Foxes, with a unique Fox voice.
  • For special cat breeds there’s the Raccoon – it was a late addition but The Sims Team eventually added it.
  • There are new clothing for cats. There’s samurai armor, a bobble headed dragon, there’s a hoodie, a sushi and the taco cat, there’s a jacket. There are lion bands where they pretend like they have fur. There’s even a sharkhead.
  • You can have and create kittens and puppies in CAP.
    • There are special presets for kittens and puppies as well.

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