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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Pet Aging Explained

Ever since the announcement of The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs simmers have been wondering how pet aging would function and what options for aging will we get in the game.

SimGuruSarah answered a few questions regarding pet aging, explaining that Cats and Dogs will age naturally (without an option to age them up manually using the birthday cake) and that pet aging options will go along with sim aging options. If, for example, you choose to disable aging for Sims you’ll also be disabling the aging process for your pets as well.

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  • So would this mean you can’t age up your pets without turning on the auto age settings for sims? That’s ridiculous. What if I want my pets to age but I don’t want my sims to age? I hope there’s a separate option for them. I don’t have twitter, so if someone could tweet a Guru about this I’d be grateful.

  • well that’s annoying, since I play with aging off (because the ages are either waaaay to short or wayyy too long with no in between…) i want to choose when the animals age ): this sucks.

  • I’m so relieved. I don’t want my pets to die. I just lost my beloved cat of 18 years. I can’t bear experiencing it again in The Sims. It would be nice if pets had their own aging options, though, so my Sims could age but have an immortal pet.

  • It has recently clarified that you can age your pet using a vet treat from the clinic or the sim owner can make that treat if a simmer is playing with aging off but wants to age up their pet.

  • Just so you know the Gurus said there’s a treat (like the birthday cake) that you can either buy from a vending machine OR make yourself to age up or down the pet.

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