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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs: Create A Pet Livestream Recap


We were treated to an amazing walkthrough by @SimGuruJM, @SimGuruRomeo and SimGuruGrant on the exciting Create-A-Pet feature in the new expansion Cats and Dogs! I’ve collected notes from the livestream that you can check out down below – it also features some interesting information about live mode as well!

  • The Sims Team wanted to make Create A Pet easier in The Sims 4 than in The Sims 3.
  • When you choose a breed it gives you a trait/s associated with that pet’s typical breed.
  • Palletes / swatches for the breeds.
  • Raccoons have their own voice types and so do foxes.
  • Cats and dogs used to have indian and japanese names due to City Living.
  • Custom Skins for Pets: Skelton, void critter, zombie dog, robot.
  • Stencils let you paint over an area with a pre-designed template.
  • You can adopt pets via an agency and also adopt strays by building up a relationship.
  • You can breed your animals.
  • Cat Lover and Dog Lover traits for Sims.
  • New aspiration for Sims.
  • Everything’s super cute in my opinion.
  • New Lot traits, will probably be revealed in the next two weeks.
  • Dead pets have ghost howls.
  • You can travel with pets to most venues.
  • You can make food for your pets.
  • There are random pets going around your world.
  • Townies will bring their pets to lots like the park.
  • Most dogs can sleep on sims beds.
  • Most pets can be carried.
  • Cats and dogs can only die from old age – the team didn’t want to see Pets die from tragic deaths!
  • Cats cannot swim but can hide on top of the fridge and counters.
  • You can mix breeds.
  • You can spay your animals at the vet’s or in CAS.
  • Can play fetch with doggos.
  • Pets can run away but can come back.
  • Your pets can mate with strays.
  • Dogs can chase cats.
  • Life span: 3-4 weeks in game / 5-6 for a puppy.
  • No dog houses – there are cat trees / condos.
  • If your pet runs away from home there is a possibility that they come back pregnant.
  • There’s a roomba vacuum – Cats can climb on them.
  • SimGuruSteve and SimGuruDrake will be on TwitchCon next week – make sure you say hi!

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