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Add New Lot Traits to The Sims 4 with these Mods


Are you looking to expand the amount of traits that you have in your game even if you only have the base game? Well The Sims 4 Modder Endermbind has created two mods that do just that.

Adding the traits to your Lots is easy! Just click on the little house with the “i” on it which is in the top left hand corner of the screen while in build/buy mode and you can add the traits you want to your Lot.

Add New Lot Traits to The Sims 4 with these ModsMod One

The first mod has lot traits that eliminates particular needs on the chosen lot. These include the following:

  • Arid – Bladder
  • Hermitage – Social
  • Manna – Hunger
  • Pleasing – Fun
  • Immaculate – Hygiene
  • Invigorating – Energy

Add New Lot Traits to The Sims 4 with these Mods

By choosing any of the above Lot Traits means that all sims on the lot will have that particular need fulfilled. One thing to note is that these lot traits are a weaker interaction compared to actual Sim(s) traits and object interactions so in some cases you may find that trait is overrided.

To find out more about the Needs Lot Traits click here.

Mod Two

The second mod again is focused on lot traits and does work with the base game and comes in two parts meaning you can pick to have both parts of the mod in your game or just the one. These are broken into Positive Moods and Negative Moods which you can find out more below.

Positive Moods

  • Happy
  • Cofident
  • Energized
  • Focused
  • Flirt
  • Playful
  • Inspired

Add New Lot Traits to The Sims 4 with these ModsNegative Moods

  • Angry
  • Bored
  • Sad
  • Tense
  • Uncomfortable

Add New Lot Traits to The Sims 4 with these ModsLike the first Lot Traits mod, some of the traits are weaker than some Sim(s) traits and object interactions and therefore may be easily overrided. Negative Moods are weaker than Positive Moods so can quickly become overridden. Again the Moods do stack so you can select multiple Lot Traits at any one time.

To find out more about the Positive and Negative Moods Lot Traits click here.

Both of the mods are easy to add into your game. Simply download the file from Mod The Sims. Extract the files and then drag and drop them into your The Sims 4 Mod file. Once you have done that simply load up your game. Also don’t forget to make sure that you have Custom Content enabled and then you are ready to go!


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