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Build Creative Roofs in The Sims 4: The Witch Hat


How about getting creative with roofs?

Let’s try something new with this medieval roof that is perfect for picturesque cottages, gazebos or fantasy/medieval architecture in general. Or perhaps you just want to build a giant umbrella!
It’s time to raise the roof, party people!

Witch Hat Roof

We will use a new tool: the Octagonal Roof. It debuted in the November 2017 patch for all players, free of charge. It has eight sides, exactly like the gazebo we are finishing building.

Here’s where you find it.

This will be the first of three roofs that we will employ, even though the idea is that the final result looks like a single roof. Let’s place number one atop of the gazebo.

Now we use these four identical arrows to stretch it until it fits over the entire ceiling.

One more stretch.

There you go!

Now we are going to use the spheres to tune our roof. Its base form is a straight slope, but we can add or subtract volume so it bends inwards or outwards. Let’s add volume to make it rounder.

NOTICE: These controls are somewhat tricky to master because they react to the slightest movement, so you need to move your mouse slowly and steadily to fine-tune it. 

This roof is too tall for a base roof. Let’s bring it down.

Let’s add a bit of overhang for shade and style. This is how you do it.

Time to add the second octagonal roof.

Let’s adjust it, being careful so it doesn’t clip through the base roof.

Once it’s perfectly positioned, let’s use the sphere control to refine volume. We made the first roof rounder. Let’s do the opposite here.

Let’s find the ideal height.

I believe we got it. Time to plop down the third and last roof.

Since it is already small enough, instead of stretching it to fit, we’ll just move it, so it’s central.

We need to make it really tall, so it can be a pointy end.

Time to add some trimming to the base roof. I’m matching the wooden columns I used on the gazebo, but you might also match doors and windows or wall trims.

Let’s paint the roof.

Don’t forget to paint all three!

And we are done!

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Kai Chen

I am from Macapá, a city by the beautiful Amazon river in the north of Brazil. I have enjoyed The Sims since 2001, when The Sims 1 caught my attention on the shelf, when I was around 18 and had gotten my first paycheck!