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The Sims 4 Console: New Update + Patch Notes! (November 17th, 2017)


The Sims 4 Console: New Update + Patch Notes! (November 17th, 2017)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 for Console devices – Xbox One and PS4!


Update: 11/14/2017  – v1.01

Hiya Simmers,

So here we are on a momentous day!  The Sims 4, on your TV, with a controller!  Did you ever think this day would come?!  Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.

Like every special day there is a huge amount of research, planning, work, and running around like mad lemmings that goes into it.  This is our recital, and it was important for us to rock it, right on time.  Things are bound to get missed, or sometimes, turn out… unexpectedly.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to write you all these little notes.  And, I cherish these notes.

So, what happened was: we fixed some stuff.  Lots of stuff. I mean, a normal amount of stuff, for a game of this size, right?  All with the goal of making this play and look really darned awesome on your TV. There’s so much here and you want to get on with playing, so here are the highlights:

  • Controls.  We think they’re very vital. They’re tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky…
  • Crashes.  Zoom in with the camera and turn it all about. Install, uninstall, reinstall, and shake it all about. Dance the Hokey Pokey with the network cable.  It won’t crash — now, that’s what it’s all about!  (Disclaimer: Do anything not listed here and it might crash. Let us know if it does.)
  • Some things looked wonky.  We unwonkified it, mostly anyway.
  • Everyone can now use the Holiday Celebrations Pack.  No more age restrictions on ugly holiday sweaters.
  • Teens now have the right number of trait buttons.  But really, how many buttons do we need for surly, know-it-all, professional eye-roller?

Until we chat again folks, stay Sims.

Yours truly,


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