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The Sims 4 Genesis ChallengeStory

Due to economic decline and poor government funding of social programs, the population of many Sim-inhabited towns and cities have all but disappeared. Everyone has moved away to find greener pastures elsewhere, leaving their old homes nothing but a ghost town. Out of desperation to boost the population and get these towns thriving again, the United Nations has hand-picked two Sims who are willing to participate in a re-population program, tasking them with bringing the population back up through natural procreation while living the best, most fulfilling lives they possibly can. The project’s name? Operation BFAM (Be Fruitful And Multiply). The subjects? Adam and Eve.



Start with two Sims, one that can become pregnant and one that can impregnate other Sims and use them to fill a completely empty world. The challenge ends when every household in the world is occupied by at least one direct descendant of your two original Sims.


Setting Up The Challenge

  • Start a new save file and begin by creating two young adult Sims in CAS. They can have any gender customizations you want as long as one of them can become pregnant and the other one can impregnate other Sims. These Sims can have any appearance you want and any traits, aspiration, walk style, and voice that you want. Feel free to use as much CC as you want. Custom traits are also fine to use. Your two starting Sims must start out as roommates. For the purpose of this challenge, we’ll call them Adam and Eve but you don’t actually have to name them Adam and Eve. You can name them whatever you want.
  • Adam and Eve can be aliens or vampires! CAUTION: Having children between an alien and a vampire has been known to cause serious damage to your save file. If you choose an occult-themed challenge, it is recommended that you make both Adam and Eve the same occult type or make one human. Do not make one an alien and the other a vampire.
  • Move Adam and Eve into any lot they can afford in any of the home worlds. You can download a house from the Gallery, build one of your own or use one of the default starters, it doesn’t matter. They must be able to afford the house with their starting funds, though.
  • Next, go into your options and make sure Lifespans are set to Normal and that Fill Empty Homes is unchecked. If you plan to play households on rotation eventually once Adam and Eve’s children start leaving the nest, set Auto-Age (Played Sims) to Only Active Household. If you’re a single household type of player, leave it set to On. Do not set Auto-Aging Off for any group.
  • Once this is done, you need to go about emptying your town of all the Sims living in it. Evict all the premade families in all of the home worlds. You can delete them or leave them as townies to become part of the mating pool later on, it’s up to you.
  • Now that your worlds are empty and Adam and Eve are settled in, it’s time to begin Operation Be Fruitful and Multiply.

The Challenge Rules

  • Adam and Eve’s primary purpose is to have children to populate the world with. How many children they have is up to you but keep in mind that the more children Adam and Eve (and their descendants) have, the faster you’ll complete the challenge.
  • Adam and Eve don’t need to be married to have children together, nor do any of their descendants need to be married to have children with their partners but you can have them get married if you’d like.
  • All Sims in your challenge are free to live their lives however you want when they aren’t busy populating the world. They can all have whatever jobs you want and spend their free time doing anything you want, their lives are completely in your hands to do as you see fit with.
  • I’m not going to ban all mods but mods that give you an unfair advantage in the challenge are not allowed (for example, a mod that adds snow or fall colours to the world would be fine because it doesn’t affect the challenge at all but a mod that extends lifespans would not be allowed because it gives you more time than other players to have more children on a Normal lifespan).
  • No cheating is an obvious rule. No money cheats, no cheats that change relationships or alter emotions. If you have the plumbob mood lamps, those are fine but no cheats to put your Sims into a specific emotion.
  • If all the members of a household die off, leaving the house empty again, you need to repopulate it with at least one direct descendant of Adam and Eve but if you have at least two generations living in each house and make sure they bring in new generations when they’re old enough, you shouldn’t encounter this problem very often (if at all).
  • It’s easier to play on rotation for this challenge to ensure everyone is continuing Adam and Eve’s bloodline but if you’re playing a single household, you’ll need to add and remove people from the household to get them pregnant and keep Adam and Eve’s line going.
  • There are no rules against descendants having same-sex relationships and adopting children but only direct blood descendants of Adam and Eve count for occupying the town so make sure your households with same-sex couples also have a direct blood descendant living with them (if one Sim out of the couple is a direct descendant of Adam and Eve, they still count, no need to move in another descendant).
  • This isn’t a hard and fast rule but I recommend you play one week in each household if you’re doing rotation so everyone ages at the same pace.
  • All residential lots in the worlds you choose to repopulate must be occupied by at least one direct descendant of Adam and Eve in order to complete the challenge, even empty lots. You don’t need to save up a lot of money to move a Sim into one of the prebuilt homes, you can bulldoze and build/download a cheaper one in its place.

Optional Noah’s Ark Mode (Cats & Dogs Required)

  • If you have Cats & Dogs installed, you can challenge yourself further by playing Noah’s Ark mode alongside the regular challenge.
  • When making Adam and Eve, make either a pair of cats or a pair of dogs to go with them. They can be any breed you wish and have any visual appearance you’d like. They can also have any traits you’d like, but they must both be the same species (either two cats or two dogs, not one of each), they must be opposite genders, and they must both be unspayed/unneutered. For the purpose of this challenge, we’ll call them Noah and Naamah, but you can name your pets anything you want.
  • Move Noah and Naamah in with Adam and Eve. Just like Adam and Eve’s purpose, your goal with Noah and Naamah is to have at least one direct descendant of these pets living in each household in your world(s).
  • Descendants of Noah and Naamah cannot be sold or given up for adoption. They must be moved into other households with the descendants of Adam and Eve to help populate the world.
  • Just like Adam and Eve, Noah and Naamah’s lives are in your hands to do as you see fit with. They can learn tricks, be trained, use the obstacle course, go to the vet, go for walks, go hunting/prowling, explore the world and do anything their little hearts desire. The only restriction is they can’t consume age up or age down treats. You must allow them to age naturally just like your Sims.
  • Pets don’t have family trees, so I highly recommend using the Plum Tree App to keep track of Noah and Naamah’s descendants.

Difficulty Level

Baby Steps: Populate Willow Creek
Easy: Populate both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs
Normal: Populate Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and Newcrest
Advanced: Populate Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest and Windenburg
Hard: Populate Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest, Windenburg, and San Myshuno
Very Hard: Populate Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest, Windenburg, San Myshuno, and Forgotten Hollow
Insane: Populate Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest, Windenburg, San Myshuno, Forgotten Hollow, and Brindleton Bay
There is no advantage to doing more difficult modes that require add-on packs except bragging rights, so if you only have the base game, doing Normal mode is perfectly fine. The harder versions are just for fun if you have extra content and want to challenge yourself further.

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