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How to unlock The Sims 4 Snapchat Lens


The Sims Team has created a special Lens / Filter just for Snapchat featuring a Plumbob, The Sims 4 logo, thought bubbles and some fun new accessories which you can shift with each tap. These lens are currently available in these territories: US, UK, FR, GER, CAN, and AUS. However, if you don’t live in these territories or just cannot find the lens in your Snapchat app yet there’s a method to unlock the lens.

Here’s how you can unlock it:

  • Open up your Snapchat App on your iOS / Android Device
  • Select your rear camera
  • Press and hold the area of the Snapchat Lens Code shown below:

How to unlock The Sims 4 Snapchat Lens

  • After you’ve successfully scanned the code shown above you’ll get an option to unlock the TS4 Snapchat Lens for 1 hour.

How to unlock The Sims 4 Snapchat Lens

NOTE: After that hour has passed you’re free to scan the code again and unlock the lens!

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