The Sims 4: NEW QUARTERLY TEASER! (January 2018 – March 2018)

The Sims Team released a new quarterly teaser for the upcoming 4 months, covering new releases for The Sims 4 on PC. Check it out above!

Written by Jovan Jovic

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    • As much as I hope for that idea (and have even suggested it in the past), I doubt it. The problem with Skele-boys is that they’re naturally incompatible with all clothes except for hats, accessories (excluding socks, gloves, etc), and shoes. This comes from their lack of skin (which means you can see into the half-rendered clothes).

      I DO hope for Bonehilda’s return and I imagine that there’ll be hidden skeleton CAS items that can be activated with mods in the DLC.

  1. Copy and paste this comment so EA can see it.
    We want bunk beds!
    We need bunk beds!
    We want to be able to play real music on sims
    We need to be able to play real music on sims
    We want headphones for all ages
    We need headphones for all ages
    We want game consoles
    We need game consoles
    We want onesies for all ages
    We need onesies for all ages
    We need trampolines for toddlers and kids
    We need trampolines for toddlers and kids
    Please repost this it took a long time to write out

    • We got game consoles with city living and I could’ve sworn the question about bunk beds was asked at some point last year with the answer being it’s likely to come in an EP if they were to do it (unless I’m confusing that with their answer to swing sets).

  2. My predictions:

    LD: mid-late January
    Adventure GP: late Febuary

    I’m 99% sure none of them will release in March, as both said winter 2018, when March is Spring.

    I literally have no idea what the GP could bring.. Apart from ancient decor, potential adventure and skelebones I have no idea.

    • I’m relatively sure that the releases are going to follow a similar schedule as last year – one release in mid-to-late January (like Vampires in 2017) and another sometime in March (like Bowling Night in 2017). The seasons in these teasers more so refer to fiscal years, not necessarily real life seasons. The fiscal Q1 ends on March 31st, so yes, it’s still winter.

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