Laundry Day

Countdown to the release of The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff

We’re only a few hours away until the worldwide release of The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack!

According to previous Stuff Pack release times this pack will come out on January 16th at 7PM CET / 10AM PT / 6PM BT. We know how many of you get confused by the time zones so we’ve provided a countdown down below. Please note that it is usual for Stuff Packs to come out a few minutes early from the usual time frame that we’ve marked in this post so make sure you keep checking our Laundry Day News Category to be the first to know exactly when it comes out.

2018/01/16 19:00:00

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  • Nah, this is messed up. It’s 11am here in australia. Already 16th of January… So by the time it’s released, it won’t even be the 16th anymore, according to this countdown? That’s so unfair. They said 16th January worldwide so wtf? BS if you ask me :)

  • Seriously… Is is SO HARD to wait for just a few more hours than what you expected….? I didn’t buy sims 4 before just about one year ago. And even I know that they always release around the same time for stuffpacks and gamepacks. It’s the same time every time (maybe a few minutes later), so I don’t understand what you have to complain about. Ofc, if you have never been waiting for a pack before – okay. But it has still been the same time for every pack for a year except for the cats and dogs. Stop complaining and just do something else for a few hours. Sorry.. but this is such sipping from everyone.

    • I absolutely agree!! I cant grasp the fact that everyone is going nuts and getting upset over a video game lol. Its just a game. If people are taking this so serious maybe they should turn your computer off and go into the real world for a bit. I play as a down time, and i enjoy it very much. But im not going to rant and rave because the game came out hours later or a day after. I get the frustration but its seriously NOT LIFE OR DEATH!! Relax people SIMmer down… pun intended lol :)

  • And why can’t they complain? If you expected something and told you’d get it at ‘x’ time then told you’re not getting it anymore. You wouldn’t be annoyed? They’re paying money they’re allowed to complain lol.

    • Yes they are paying.. but the fact is that it is the same each year, and if you do not have anything else to do than complain about this.. then I feel sorry for you. I am going to buy the pack myself in 5 hours time because I really look forward to it. But I need to face the fact that it won’t come before that.

  • I don’t know if you realise but this countdown is wrong… And how hard is it to type into google “7 PM CET to local time”? Is this really necessary?

  • i love this! although, i go to dance at 6 and i won’t be able to download it until tomorrow but not ur problem, mine❤️

  • So I have to wait until 7pm??????? That’s ridiculous. When it says the release date it should come out that morning at 7am or something like that

  • I cant wait for it to be released. But in the meantime i will enjoy playing the game that I have now until it is released. Everyone is yelling, name calling, and having a heart attack as if its the end of the world. Whether it be the 16th or the 17th you will still be able to play it. Time zones happen. it sucks I know, but acting like the world is coming to an end because of a few hours is quite sad. Its frustrating I get it, but just like everything else in life things happen that arent in our control, so instead of getting upset about it, play your game and when its released then add it in. Have a great day, smile and sim on fellow gamers :)

  • I got on the Sims bandwagon about a year ago, starting with Sim3. I now play The Sims 4 and I’m addicted. I love love love this game, and I’m patiently awaiting the release of laundry stuff.

    • I have been a fan since it first came out. I cant wait for the pack but im really hoping for a seasons and a university!!!!!!!!

  • I’m in the United States and I was told that it would be released at 10:00 am. Well now it’s 11:00 am. So guess I’ll check back later.

  • I’ve been building a new house with a laundry room so I can just add the machines etc right in!! I’m so pumped for this stuff pack I’ve been waiting so long for it to be announced :D

  • Can’t download the laundry pack. It keeps showing I need internet connection and it won’t connect even though I am connected. Never had this problem before.

  • I feel so bad for all these aussies! I’m in FL myself. I wish they stuck with midnight in your country like they did with Cats and Dogs. My heart goes out to all postponed spin cycles

  • Well it would be nice if Origin would keep up. My added content is grayed out, so even though it came out over an hour ago, I can’t buy or download it. :(

  • J’aimerais tellement gagner ce pack. Pour tous vous dire j en ai achetée un hier et j’ai hésité entre vintage et jour de lessive. J’ai prit vintage car la maison que j’étais en train de créé étais plus en rapport avec celle-ci. PS: vous êtes géniaux vous donnez un pack gratuit et en plus vous avez créé le jeux de l’univers.